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How To Break A Heart

did not
mean to
your heart. They
only wanted
back from
sharing shelter
with yours. They
only meant to
words sowed
inside you.
did not
mean to
your heart. They
only wanted
to leave
you wholly
alone as they
found you.
didn’t know
that’s how to
a heart.

Hi there. A happy Tuesday. I hope your week is going great. Mine is but will be better as soon as I let you on on this. I’m going to start a new poem series on here from first Monday in March and a brand new novel also from first Wednesday of March. We’re talking March 5th and 7th. The poem series is titled On the Road. I thought of it because of the You series and I thought it’ll be great. We’ll have other poems besides that as well once in a while. the novel is When Love Stays, the second in the series I’m about to find a name for. When Love Stays continues with most of our favourite characters from When Love Finds You. Let’s meet here tomorrow for a short story and enjoy your day. And oh, it’ll be so nice to spread the news to your friends for me.

©M’afua Awo Twumwaah 2018.

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Sacred Dreams

Shadows of years sit
By the bed. They keep wake
Over embalmed remains of dreams.
And sing lullabies brewing eternal
Sleep. Lest you awake and
There’s a living wish.


© M’afua Awo Twumwaah 2018.

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We played nightgowns

And boxers.
It was a race of how fast I could be
It was mine alone

Father said.

So we played nightgowns

And boxers.
He said the best games are pain-filled
And he played.

I sleep bare at fifty
Barely sleeping
Night gowns bleed my heart.

Happy New Month Friends! I hope you’re enjoying your new year already. I’m doing my absolute best to. Keep up the new year spirit.

© M’afua Awo Twumwaah 2017.

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So, are you? 

So are you happy?
Now that half a soul is yours
As the other unlearns oneness.

So, are you happy?
Soon, all this mouth will say is echoes of yours
As the other half unlearns oneness.

So, you are happy?
One and half a soul is yours
As half of the half unlearns oneness.

I’ve never truly understood women whose quest for love hurts that of other women, especially married women. So I decided to rant in poetry and try to seek some answers too. Are they really happy? That’s what I’m asking and that’s why I wrote this. Happy New Year again too.

© M’afua Awo Twumwaah 2018.

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Take A Peek: My 2017 Diary

Here’s a peek into my 2017. A Happy New Year To You!😙😙

Awo Blogs

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Honestly, I don’t own a diary. You know that secret book that has key locks and all. But I do journal. Even though I haven’t been consistent writing daily in my journal, I’d like to share with you some snippets from my 2017 journal diary – diary because strangers are still not allowed to read it. And hopefully, I’d share some summaries that should inspire your 2018. In for the secret whispering? Ok, here goes. Just promise you won’t tell.

17/1/2017: Honestly, writer’s block can feel like a big curse. Lol. I mean it.

And I meant and do mean it. My 2017 started with an empty big writing head. I struggled to generate any ideas, struggled to write and I struggled to be any consistent. Looking back, I realized it’s because I didn’t have any plan for my blogging and writing year. Being spontaneous is fun. But planning and…

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