You #27

I will love you
Fears and all

You will love me
Tears and all

By you
We will love us
Mess and all

PS. I don’t know if I ever mentioned but I was job searching for a while now. I’ve found one which starts today. Pray with me y’all and then do share this piece and my blog address with as many people as you’d like to recommend my work to. Have a good Monday.Did you read last week’s poem, you #26? You should here.

©M’afua Awo Twumwaah 2017.

When Love Finds You XXXVI

I’m happy to be back. We’re three chapter to say bye. I thought to ask so you help me with what themes next you think I should explore. I’ll be diving into short stories awhile after this. Drop your ideas in the comments. Don’t be silent on me. So here’s to XXXVI, enjoy.

Sefa Addison peeped out of his curtain. He stepped back, pulled the settee to a slant and went back to the curtains, this time, pushing the ends into a holder so the sun will light his room. He had never liked the idea, the sight of sharp rays reflecting on his floors. But today, he decided to do what he’d not allow himself do naturally — because anyway, Fiona and his daughter and his son-in-law will be here before he is ever ready for the conversation. He sat where he’s been seated the past hour and looked over the portion of scripture his morning devotion today; Proverbs 10:12 — hatred stirs up strife but love covers all offenses.
He bit his lips and exhaled. He could feel his heart swell with his fears, almost as if they’ll tear through his blue striped Lacoste for the whole world to see. He wasn’t ready for this. He wasn’t ready for anything — certainly not the advice from this scripture. But he knew he needed to go God’s way. Many months of straying and then slowly finding himself back into fellowship has been harder than he imagined it when he set out on his own way. He thought he’d just snap back when he wanted. Just like what addicts believe. The pride of his human heart did deceive him and it did quite well. He heard the familiar honking of a car. He closed his Bible, put it on the arm of the chair and opened his door, leaving it ajar slightly. Dear Lord, help me. He prayed briefly. He knew he needed to make these amends. For the past weeks, at least twice in each, he’s woken up having lay unconscious from doing regular routines. He feared his time is up. Should it be, he wanted to leave his daughter happy and free to go to her mum. He also wanted to leave Fiona with no guilt and regrets. He wants to love them.

“Is he in?”

He could hear Kate asking Kwaku. Perhaps Kwaku was ahead and she was wondering why the slant in the door, showing it’s open. He didn’t plan to pull a stunt but one to keep his daughter concerned wouldn’t have been a bad idea. He smiled at his own corniness.

“He should be.” Kwaku kept any anxiousness out of his tone. He knew how worried sick Kate can go to from minutes of being extremely excited. He didn’t want that now. “Perhaps he wanted to save us the code entering or the knocking. You know your papa.”


Kate agreed. Kwaku held the side of the door for Kate, his eyes laying on Sefa’s with a smile.

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You #26

The blanket on days life rains.
The shade on days each breath burns.
From you I’ll witness faith like rock.

©M’afua Awo Twumwaah 2017.

When Love Finds You XXXVI

About four chapters to call it a story people! I’m excited. Happy reading.

The dewy air held on to the bare skins of Dzidzor and Sule as they used the sidewalk outside the Awoonors’ large compound to the gate. The silence between them was thick as anything. Sule occasionally bit his lower lips, beating himself up on why he ever opened up. He’s only ever risked it with matters that won’t hurt the future he saw forming whenever he lay on his bed. Dzidzor hated the way she received his news. She was sure this is going to be the end. She had told him just days ago how his own response to the discovery of her bulimia had her off for days. And now, here she was doing the same thing she had so talked about, the very thing he said sorry for countless times the days after. Soon, they were standing by the large gate, staring at the outside with their lone thoughts. Dzidzor turned to Sule, her eyes lowered.

“Perhaps you should wait for Kwaku.”

That would have been the natural way for things to go. Sule would have hung around waiting for Kate and her husband to show up. Then the three will leave together. That should have been the natural way if she had not been so taken aback by the news if her face had not been a clear board of her heart.

“No. I think it’s best if I go.”

“I’m sorry.”

Dzidzor played with the insides of her sweat pants pockets.

“I should be. Dropping that news on you like I did wasn’t wise. I …”

“You did nothing wrong.” Dzidzor hated the guilt enveloped in his whole demeanor. “Friends tell friends things.” She hesitated. “I could have reacted differently…I was just shocked…and I guess tired of all the craziness happening in such short time.” Sule listened. “The bulimia, Kate and Kwaku almost splitting up, then Kate’s supposed dead mum coming back, Matey’s accident and the little secret of drunkenness.” Dzidzor’s heart weighed on her. “I could have almost married that guy.” She laughed like she couldn’t believe it. “I would be the wife of a faking drunken Christian just like that.” She sniffed. “Now your dad is the man Kate may never want to see. And she’s my best friend and you are my…” She found Sule’s anxious eyes for the very first time this night. “…I don’t know who you even are.” Her words sounded quieter and died in a whisper. She tried to laugh.

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When Love Finds You XXXV

Welcome to today’s chapter. Happy reading.

Dzidzor stared out through the curtains few steps away from Matey’s bed. She was exhausted from looking around the ward. The green bedsheets, IVUs and smell of aspirins, sanitizers and soap was rushing into her. She felt sick, sorry and angry all at once. She walked back to Matey’s side. She’s never seen him fragile like this before. Perhaps once; before he bolted off to please the whims of an uncle. But even then, not this much.

“Thanks for coming.”

Matey strained to speak. Dzidzor wore the blank face.

“I’m sorry too.”

He looked full into her eyes.
Dzidzor didn’t talk. She couldn’t. She knew what the right words will be to speak. But how could she say them? What was he really sorry for? That he would have lied to lead her down the aisle? Or that he had an accident and never made it for the date? Or that he just showed up into her life to betray her a second time? Her throat felt lumpy. She closed her eyes hard and opened them again, allowing her eyes say all she wanted to.


Junior came in, almost amazed to see her. Continue reading