Mercy Found #Ch3

Author’s note:Read Chapter Two First. Read Here

Man’s ways, God’s direction”

Mary giggled. “So that’s it?”

Kwame nodded. She giggled some more. Kwame shoved her.

“I’m serious about it. I don’t know how I’ll contact her again and I can’t just leave it at that too.”

“Okay, okay”.

Mary pulled on a serious face.

“But you managed to walk her to her door and all I guess.”

“Yes I did. But she was way ahead of me oh. She smiled faintly and said goodnight but that doesn’t mean she’s cool.”

“And she didn’t return your jacket and handkerchief right?”

Kwame glowed. “So I’ll show up at her door for them and then I can get her to talk.”

Mary nodded.

“Thank you!” Kwame hugged her “Thank you. You see why I love you.”

Mary laughed.

“Now you love me.”

She picked up her purse, stood up but sat back and placed the purse on the table.

“Kwame” she looked him in the eye.

“You’re sure you’re up to this?”

She searched his face for a response but it didn’t look like he’d give one soon. She continued.

“I know you want to reach out to her but I think you might be hurt if she doesn’t reciprocate your love. You seem too emotionally attached. You love this woman but it’s just a month. It could just be a passing feeling. You have to pray and be willing to go all through however God pulls it off.”

Kwame exhaled.

Mary knew how to bring the issues right up front when he didn’t want to consider them. He loved Esi but God loved her more and besides He said souls should be won. He said clearly in Matthew 28:18-20 and he was just about to point that to Mary when the thought rushed into his mind as if to arrest his words.

But with care and wisdom, son.

He exhaled again. He knew it was God right there and he couldn’t shake the thought off.

“Okay Mary. I’d pray about it more. I’m too emotionally attached and maybe I want her clean for the wrong reasons – me.”

Mary pulled his cheek. He smiled. Again she knew how to make light of the issues when it seemed too serious.

“I’d be praying with you – that whether or not you win her heart, you’d be satisfied God won it.”

She picked her purse and pushed her chair back.

“Goodbye. I’ll come for feedback and my payment.”

“Sure” he said with a wink. “Let me tell mum you’re leaving.”

“No” Mary protested. “You know she’ll ask me to stay for lunch or brunch – whichever one and I seriously need to go.”

“Okay. Then you owe me one too.”

Kwame said now laughing.

“That’s why I love you. I always pay back with your help.”

“You know you’re a cheat right.” She said. “Anyway see you. I’ve got to go and my regards to her.”

“Sure though she doesn’t know you.” Kwame said with a giggle.

Esi walked off. Kwame looked at her smiling. She’s been his friend for five years now and he’s glad he met her.

She wasn’t just a nice lady, she was Christian and that was really the best part. You know, that they’ll be someone to encourage you and assure you you’re sane even when the world is pulling hard at you. He smiled and gulped some of his orange juice down and then it hit him.

“Mary!!!!” He screamed after her, standing up, but she was gone.

“Shoot!” He sank into his seat.

He forgot – Esi works on weekends too.

“What do I do now?”

He said staring evasively at the glass of juice.

“Or maybe I should try. You know, just go there and see if she didn’t go.”

He sat for a while, pulling his lips. It was almost noon and he needed to decide fast.

“Sure” He said aloud. “I’ll do just that.”
He gulped the rest of the juice.

“Kwame!” His mum was calling. “Bring Mary in for lunch.”

He smirked.

“Mum I’m coming.”

Kwame entered and walked straight to the kitchen. He knew what his mum’s call really meant – of course she wanted Mary in for lunch but she also wanted him in to help set up.

She seemed to love him helping set up lunch, of course for only the two of them often and one or two or three more people during times his mum calls special occasions.

Mary though was a regular in their home. Mrs. Asante has accepted her almost as a daughter, sometimes secretly wishing for her as a daughter in law; Kwame knew that much.

But he also knew something more, his mum was supportive, entirely Christian and believed much in allowing him to go the way he knew God is leading him to even if to someone like Esi.

He took the bowl of salad with the saucer containing the shito and headed for the dinning table. He placed it down and headed for the rice. His mum was pulling the grilled tilapia from the oven. Saturday afternoon’s were one of his favorite lunch times and today was no exception event though he was a little unsettled.

He wanted to talk with Esi and know the way forward. He’ll surely go and see her after lunch.

Mrs. Asante stared at him.

“You let Mary go I guess.”

She handed the grilled tilapia to Kwame.

“You heard us then”

Kwame smelt the tilapia. His mouth was already watering. He was about tearing some into his mouth when his mum looked him down.

“Mister, head to the table. We eat when we sit.”

They both laughed together.

“Yes mum”.

Mrs. Asante poured out the freshly juiced orange from the juicer. Fruits were essential in her diet.
She joined Kwame on the table.

They linked hands and bowed their heads. Kwame knew it was his turn to pray.

“Lord, we bless you for today.”

He said smiling as if his audience was right before him.

“Thank you for the gift of family and for friends that bless our hearts and make us experience your love even here on this earth. Lord, bless this meal and as we eat we ask that dine with us. Also lord, we make a request for the poor and the needy. We pray for the hungry and hurting Lord. Reach to them.”

He said tears stinging his eyes.

They both joined in solemnly.

“In Jesus’ Name we pray, amen.”

Mrs. Asante smiled as she served the rice into the plates. She loved her son especially for his heart, so tender and compassionate. Years ago she was scared he’d be hurt by the sudden disappearance of his dad but not anymore. She knew who to be thankful for – God changed his hurt.

The little boy who’d cry unend for daddy is now growing into a handsome man full of life and love. She dished out the salad and left the tilapia. They knew how they liked it. Each will take as they wanted.

“So why did Mary leave?”

Mrs. Asante wasn’t one to let matters go unexplained and talking over food was almost like a culture for them. No meal ended without it.

“Well” Kwame wiped his mouth with the napkin. “She’s got a meeting. I guess her bible study group.”

“Okay that’s nice. Her mum tells me she’s doing well with those kids.”

She took two spoonfuls of rice and sipped on water.

“She’s got a kind heart, nurturing these teenagers was very nice of her. And to think of their history with all kinds of abuse, that’s great.”

“Yeah mum”

Kwame knew his mum will rant on if he didn’t say anything. He wasn’t bored with the chat. He just wanted to hurry and get to Esi’s end. He wanted to know the way forward. He wasn’t one too patient with uncertainties.

“And she loves them too – almost as if they were her real siblings. I love that about her too.”

His mum smiled.

“So I heard you’ve got a new friend.”

He dropped his fork and exhaled. He wanted to be the first to tell his mum regardless it was already a month. Now he had to rather explain himself.



Mrs. Asante smiled. She knew some details but she rather wanted to hear from her son. She knew as much as she worked in a club and that wasn’t pleasant.

“She’s Esi. Maybe you know that bit already and well she works in the club up the children’s park. We met outside.”

He paused for a while. He wanted his mum to not just take the details in but understand him along the way.

“I’ve known her for a month now and I’m trying to reach her with the gospel. You might as well know her profession.”

He pushed his plate back. His appetite was gone.

“I do know son and that’s what bothers me. You have to be careful.”

She trusted her son but she was too concerned not to say that.

“I am mum. She’s decent with me and she’s really not done anything sexual with any of the clients. She’s that decent too. At least from what I know.”

He exhaled.

“Mum she’s just vulnerable the way I see it.”

He wanted to put his mum at ease without sounding defensive.

Mrs Asante nodded, starting to clear up. The conversation wasn’t right for the meal maybe but she had to bring it up. She’d keep the leftovers for supper.

“I’ll be going over to her end after helping clear up. I’ve got something to discuss.”

His mum nodded again. Kwame took her hand from across the table. He knew this as much was important to her.

“Mum, I’ll be fine if you’ll just pray with me. I just want to share Christ’s love with her and help her get herself a cent life as you did for me.”

His mum smiled.

“I’ll pray and you should go now. I’ll clear up alone.”

Kwame stood up, hugged his mum from across the table.

“Thank you, mum.”

He was rushed out and was at the door when his mum shouted to him.

“With care and wisdom son.”

He stopped and smiled – God really meant this.

“You help me Lord. You have been made wisdom to me.” He prayed and pulled the door open.

Copyright 2015


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  1. edbansah says:

    I have come to realise that there are times when we easily miss out on exactly why some people are in our lives.. this is what breaks our heart often. First check with God and follow thru with his agenda for that person in your life. Nice writing Awo.


    1. Afua Twumwaah says:

      I believe that’s the truth about us. Maybe we are too quick to want people to become to us what they never were meant to be. But in all this, we trust God. Thanks edbansah

      Liked by 1 person

      1. edbansah says:

        My heart hurts… any times it does… but deep down i know laughter and joy is ahead.. but it seems so impossible.


        1. Afua Twumwaah says:

          Let’s keep hoping. As long as the Lord lives…

          Liked by 1 person

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