Mercy Found #Ch4

Author’s note: Read the beginning of this chapter Here

He came to Him to get the same answer.

The world is fallen and only with Christ was there real comfort.

And he knew Esi needs that, not a hug from another broken life like his. He was also being fixed up.

He pulled from the hug and sat her down. He wondered what she meant by the men in her life. Maybe it had to do with the numerous dad’s she had to put up with. He didn’t want to think beyond that. He couldn’t.

“Esi” Kwame smiled at her “I’m glad you didn’t accept this life. You can further your education. Get a decent job. I’ll be with you through it all. You have to trust that God can fix you up.”

She hung her head.

“Esi” Kwame lifted her chin “Look at me. You can get your life back the way it should be if you’ll give it all to God.”

She nodded. She didn’t want to say anything. They’ve been here several times.

“You should consider a relationship with God. That’s all life is really about.”

Kwame smiled again. He didn’t really know why but he was glad. Probably it’s because God did the job even before he got there.

“Thank you Kwame.”

Esi cleaned her face and held his hand. He was always warm both inside and out.
She knew she wanted what he had too but she didn’t know if she could trust all of her to someone without having a say.
All her life, she’s learnt not to trust.

But you are trusting someone now.

The thought just came up at her.

She was indeed trusting someone else, she was trusting Kwame – a total stranger a month ago. He was like all the others until July came along.

She shoved the thought away. She didn’t want to deal with that now. She’s let her walls down to yet another man.

Kwame’s ringtone broke the brief silence. He looked up at it. It was his mum. He allowed it to go to voicemail. He knew what that meant. It was almost 2pm and he had to head back. They’ve volunteered for leading bible discussion with inmates at the Nsawam prison.

“It was my mum.” He told Esi. “I have to meet her up so we go for a church something.”

He didn’t want to give too much detail.

“I’ll have to leave soon.”

Esi nodded. She didn’t want him to go but how could she say that?

“About your schooling, university forms will be out soon. I guess somewhere between January and February next year. We’ll have time to save for it – at least 5 months counting to December. It can be distant. Like weekend classes.”

“Sure. That’s fine. But I’ll have to get a job soon then.”

She said as a matter-of-fact.

Kwame put his phone into his front pocket.

“Yeah. I’ll tell my mum and let you know. You wouldn’t mind being a hotel receptionist. Would you?”

“I wouldn’t.”

Esi smiled.

Kwame had it all figured out and he even said they’ll have time to save for it. He wasn’t just a man; he also took up responsibility in a generous way. She relished the thought.

“Then we’ll have to meet next week and put together your resume.”

Kwame jolted her back to reality.

She nodded.

Kwame stood staring at her. She was beautiful. It never seemed to fade any moment. He didn’t want to go but he had to.

“Kwame.” Esi held his gaze. “Thank you again.”

He nodded and pulled her into a hug. Esi nestled in his arms. This is the only place she could trust.

“Lord, help her”.

He prayed under his breath and breathed in. The air carried with it smell of rains. He had to really leave now. It was already cold this time of the year. He didn’t want to add chills from being beaten by the rain. He pulled from the hug and stepped back.

“I’m leaving now. Goodbye.”

“Sure. Goodbye.” Esi responded.

This visit was enough to set her thinking about the new course her life was about taking. She knew change was underway.

Kwame took two stairs and looked back. Esi was still standing by her chair, the way he left her. Their eyes met and he said another goodbye

“God, why is this so difficult?”

He whispered.

He’d never thought he was going to meet a woman who’d make him feel this way. Who would make him feel like a small boy yearning for nkate cake.

“This is stupid.”

He mumbled and passed his hand over his head.
He hurried down the steps and started down the road home with both hands in his pocket. He was getting cold.

Esi leaned on the wall watching him. She smirked. He had left his jacket again – the excuse he made for coming over when he showed up at the door.

She supported her head with her palm. She never believed she would meet a man like Kwame let alone get attracted to him and it was just a month.

July brought with it a lot of surprises and the ultimate one for her is how God showed up again.

She had heard of Him before but now she knew she couldn’t shake it off – she had to make a choice.

*Nkate cake – a Ghanaian snack made from sugar and groundnut.

Copyright 2015


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