Mercy Found #Ch6


Author’s note: Thanks for staying through Mercy Found. Let’s know how you found it. And just click on the tag Mercy Found to read all the chapters you might have missed.

“While We Wait”
“Eva.” Kwame walked to the reception desk. “Is it usual here? I mean the interview is almost two hours now.

Shouldn’t she be out now?”

Eva laughed. She could see the concern on Kwame’s face run deep than his words meant. “I guess it’s quite some time but it depends on exactly how the interview is going.”
Kwame smiled sheepishly.
“I guess. I’m just wondering.”
He was about sitting when he heard Esi coming down the stairs. He turned to her. Her face said nothing.
“How did it go?” he asked her.
Esi smiled. “It was okay. Great, even, if I should put it” She went to the reception desk to sign off.
Kwame nodded. He wasn’t satisfied with the answer. He wanted something more definite but he wasn’t going to probe here. Eva seemed interested in his conduct around Esi and he didn’t want any unnecessary rumors starting if it hasn’t already.
Esi giggled to herself. She was loving the concern she was sensing from Kwame.
“Eva, thank you. I like your smiles.” She smiled herself. “I’d be glad to meet you sometime, maybe in church.” She added to Kwame’s surprise. He looked at her properly. There was something different about her. Could she have decided? He beamed. What if she did?
“Can we leave now?” he asked Esi.
“Sure.” Esi hanged her bag on her shoulders.
“We’ll meet soon Eva.”
“As I said earlier nothing except two things.”
She paused
“Mmhm” Kwame urged her on. She jumped in excitement and pulled Kwame into a hug.
“I got the job. Kwame we got it.”
Tears started down her face into Kwame’s shirt. Kwame held her gaze.
“What’s with the tears?”
Esi smiled shyly.
“Nothing I’m just…I don’t know how to describe it. And Kwame thank you.”
“You don’t have to. So can we go now? We can have dinner tonight to celebrate.”
Kwame opened the door for Esi and took his place behind the steering wheel.
“Kwame” Esi mumbled.
“Yes” Kwame turned to look at her.”
“I haven’t said the second thing. I accepted Christ after the interview back in there.”
Kwame sat still with tears in his eyes. it was the first time Esi saw him tear up.
“I’m so glad.” He managed to say. He held Esi’s hands and sat for a while.
Esi put her right hand on his.
“Thank you for not giving up on telling me. Back there I prayed before the interview and for the first time I knew I was not alone.”

Kwame cleared his throat and smiled at Esi. He started to pull the car out of the parking lot. He wanted to do more with her than just share this moment. He wanted her to be his also but he had to wait. He wanted to wait for the right time. He looked at her. Now she was also a sister.


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