The Widower’s Journal

You are on my mind
Your round, life filled eyes with the piercing brown pupil I will ever know
Your smile that could stop all my worries
Your warmth that spread through our home no matter how far the temperature dropped.

You are still on my mind
The drives you made me take you on just for your random relaxation
The late night coffees we drink so we stay up late
The strolls through those dusty roads.

You are still here on my mind
I miss your pancakes and tea
I miss your homemade TZ you’d garnish so I won’t doubt to eat
I miss your freshly cut fruits teasing my taste every morning.

You sure are etched on my mind
Your sharp note singing at dusk
Your sounding prayer cries
Your talks through the movies
Your addictive cuddling times

You will remain on my mind
Even though you seem gone
Your smell still fills everywhere in our home
Even though your clothes are out of the wardrobe
Your charm stands intact in front of your favorite mirror.

You are here in my heart
I sometimes shout your name from the hall
Forgetting you are gone.
It hurts too bad some days
Yet I wake up thankful daily
The Lord took you
And saved me the misery of too much pain from losing you to the cancer.

Copyright 2015


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