And He Left #2

I settled on the much awaited sequel and I’m glad to serve you something for brunch. Thanks to edbansah we’ve delivered. If you are new here or you just need to catch up read And He Left #1. Have a good read.

“You are not welcome back here if you drive away!”.

Selase screamed from the door post, her lanky body leaning across from the hinge, one leg inside the little room, the other positioned defiantly on the floor. Her orange skimpy dress matching up her dark brows.
Her body spoke more than her screams did.

“Don’t expect me back”.

Papa said and screeched the car from the compound, he drove a distance, checked for her and stopped.
It was 6pm and if he drove fast enough, dodged the traffic on the lapaz road, he’d be home before Anyele got back from mid-week service with the kids.

Their faces flashed before him.

It’s been a week, maybe two since he saw them.
In between he’s just dreamt about them twice.
He missed when he watched the football leagues with him, brainwashed them on which team to support and cheerfully held hands with them, their knees bowed to ask the win for their favorite teams.

He spotted a heavy duty truck advancing towards him from behind. It’s snail slow pace annoyed him. They always have.

He started his engine and drove off. He had to be there before she came in.

It’d ease his guilt, her hurt and the obvious tension that will build up.

He tuned in to Sunny fm. He wanted to cool off with the country music. It was the old ragged cross that was playing.
He allowed it play for sometime. His heart was getting more tensed.

He smiled.

It wasn’t joy.

It could be.

But right now it was shame.

He bit into his lips and turned off the radio.

When he shoved the Bible into Anyele’s face and drove off, he meant every one of his words. Her “Nyani” shouts weren’t enough to make him stop.

And now he knew he had to return home.

Papa stopped the car and packed on the side.

Anyele was the pious wife. She saw everything in God’s perfect hand.

It didn’t matter she’s lost two children in two difficult miscarriages. She was content raising three adorable adopted boys – Jeff, Kwaku and Delali.

But he of course wasn’t.

Which God will really just look on and watch such a freak for him suffer several weeks almost once in two years.
And which God looked on when he had to stoop low into Selase’s bed over and over again and not allow Anyele even a hint.

It would have eased his pain if she knew earlier. Before it got here.

And she did deserve to know.

“You just aren’t man enough”.

Papa screamed, hit his fist on his door’s glasses and burst out in large sobs.

A plump, dark haired woman in her late fiftys turned to his car sharply, stared, pulled a little 3 year old she was with to her side and crossed to the other lane.

He turned towards the empty front seat.

Here he was with a betrayed love on his conscience and a twisted faith.

Anyele was still in love with him, even now.

Her text messages came in regularly after Selase sent her an anonymous threat and blocked her from his whatsapp contacts. He was just on time to stop her from cutting entirely Anyele’s access to him.

“You are sleeping with someone else, Nyani?”

That was her first reaction. Very much her calm self.

“You are still my husband Nyani”, “I Love you Nyani”, “We can sort this out Nyani”, “I’m still praying with you Nyani” and many others followed after.

He opened the door and looked at his watch.

She’ll be in by now and getting the kids some fresh yoghurt or one of her homemade dandelion spiced juices before tucking them in.

That was their favourite part of the day and his as well.

When he was sure they were sound asleep he’d pull her unto his lap and cuddle.

Papa jumped unto the car’s bonnet. The cool night was a perfect balance for the sunny day spent on his mistress’ unending chattering.

Selase was mulish. Such a difficult lady. Her stubbornness was so attractive. At least to him. And he couldn’t say why. He chuckled and took to whistling.

Anyele doesn’t know Selase wasn’t the first taint to his vows.

“Oh. It’s nothing. Just a scratch from one of those sharp door edges at work I think”.

That was the first lie that led him several steps down into an affair with Selase and made him fight with the whole goodness of God.

He rested backwards. The birds were chirping away and the air was getting dryer and colder.

Harmattan has always been his favourite season in Ghana.
He loved the feel of the air when it went through the nostrils and the subtle lesson of proper body care it taught.

“Papa, you know, you have a weird way with you that is attractive.”

Mrs. Johnson said, walked into the second room in her office and invited him in.

He was naive then and followed sheepishly.

Nothing signaled any foul play.

Her face was still straight as when she was leading one of the office devotions or calling the staff to attention or even congratulating the sales team on high revenue.

And that afternoon left him searching and even more after Anyele stared him in the eye that misty night, her anger burning and told him clearly she wouldn’t have intimacy like an animal.

He should have confessed to God since he seemed real then, to Anyele, resigned from work and sort help.

He should have done anything besides lying.

He looked back on the dusty stretch he’s left behind him, heard Selase’s warning, his response.

He couldn’t go back and he couldn’t go home.

Copyright 2015


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  1. Loretta says:

    Hope you aren’t done


    1. Afua Twumwaah says:

      ๐Ÿ˜ฎ. Reader Friends President, there should be a continuation?
      Glad you read ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿ’ƒ, always.


  2. edbansah says:

    Cool. thanks for adding.


    1. Afua Twumwaah says:

      Awww. I’m excited you’re happy with it. Have you noticed someone is asking for continuation tho? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

      Liked by 1 person

      1. edbansah says:

        Yes.. and let me add my own .. I am waiting for continuation so do continue.


        1. Afua Twumwaah says:

          Hahaha. Let’s see. I have a big doubt though.

          Liked by 1 person

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