It Was Christmas

Stranded on the bridge of love
A foot, each in a different world
Fear enveloping any hope
Pain gripping any solace
It was Christmas
You found me.

Heart beaten down
Eyes, each looking on a different path
The past too present
The present blurred
The future too far to peer into
It was Christmas
You took me.

Wounds left bare
You balmed
The aches heard too loud
You hushed
The soothing love from your touch
Answering every questioning
I gazed on you
And it was Christmas.

And From Me – Author’s note:
A very Merry Christmas to all of you here. For the past months I’ve enjoyed so much support and encouragement from you. I pray that ultimately you’ll find the reason for life Himself in this season. Afehyia paa oh!
Merry Christmas from the heart of Ghana!

Copyright 2015


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