Till Forever Comes Prequel

“You are more tensed than the bride will be when she arrives”.

Dave’s best man, his brother, Akwasi loosened his bow tie as if easing his tension.

Dave sat down, his shoe making rhythmic noises from being tapped against the terrazzo floor.
He heaved a sigh and brushed his hand across his face.

“You realise I’m about getting married. Don’t you?”

He shot Akwasi a solemn look.

“And you realize you’re getting married, don’t you? That’s why I drove for over 18 hours from the North here under the scorching gaze of the sun. For a moment during the drive I felt someone didn’t want me here. You know efie fo)“.

Dave laughed. Maybe the conversation would help after all.

“Your air conditioner just needs replacement”.

“I guess. So why did you ask about you getting married?”

Dave walked and stood facing Akwasi.

They were very unidentical. From their sharply contrasted names, skin colour and preferences.
Dave was the shorter of the two, slimmer, dark, with a coffee brown shade of hair and moustache. He was teased as an Ophre growing up just because of that feature.
Delali was taller,an inch or two above 6 feet, had a lighter skin, very dark hair and had hair growing wherever skin pores could be found.

This and many more made people doubt they were brothers.

“Because I realized I am”.

“Masa” Akwasi held his shoulder. “You’ve wanted today for how many years now? ”

“5, maybe 6.”

“Are you unsure about anything?

“No of course. I’m too certain she’s the one.”

“Then why?”

Akwasi lifted his feet unto the bedpost and fitted his shoes on.

“I’m just wondering if I’m ready for this. Whether I can be that man she deserves everyday, the father my kids would be proud of. The whole counseling moments are just playing before me. Akwasi, do you think someone can love another unto death like Christ everyday?”

He laughed.

Dave pushed his feet off the bedpost.

“You’re just a little nervous. It’s fine these questions are on your mind. From experience, you won’t feel like you’re the best husband or father everyday through marriage but you will soon find you can stand and still have a wife because of the third man in there.”

“Sure. Sure.”

Akwasi’s view of God’s constant presence was always a thing to look to, to fall back on.

“You both will do well. You are the best fit for each other anyway. You can’t marry my wife for just a day nor me your wife.”

Dave laughed.

โ€œIf I mess anything up, her dad wonโ€™t cease reminding her she should have gone off with her childhood sweetheart to the US and forgotten all about my broke self as he prefers to call me.โ€

Akwasi laughed.

“That man was just expecting some gold mine.”

“Unfortunately I’m not one. Not how he dreamt it. ”

They both laughed.

“He’ll be walking her down the aisle.”

“And I’m prepared for his stares as he does.”

They laughed harder.

Dave was easing now.

Akwasi balmed his lips and passed the Maybelline balm to David.

“Can the photographer come in now?”

Dave nodded.

He opened the door and went to him. The cameras started flashing away.

Akwasi helped him fix his cufflinks.

Every moment would be captured.

As the camera lights sparkled unto his face, his mind was caught in its own world.

Tsotsoo was his, in a matter of hours it’d be fully and bodily too and he could trust God for that; He was the third man in the relationship.

Efie fo) : Literally means ‘home people’. That is relatives. In this context used humorously for relatives with evil spiritual powers.

Ophre: The Ghanaian word for Albinos especially in the Twi language.

Author’s note: Be sure to read Till Forever Comes . It’s still very much Christmas!

Copyright 2015


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  1. Loretta says:

    Is that all, Thelma


    1. M'afua Awo Twumwaah says:

      Yes ma…๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


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