Old Fashioned #2

Author’s note: Let’s get into the routine already for this year. Lol. But I seriously think we’ll focus on some good love for a while. I made this decision during the ending days of 2015. You can call it God making me repent 😂. Do enjoy this read and let me know really what you think.

I would call for you from inside the bushes
Your shrill from both fear and joy were always worth it
Your eyes sparkling with sheer joy
Those lips curving out into beautiful shapes
Always moist from the balm of shear butter

How you waited for me on the narrow pathways
Shrugging at all those others who craved your attention
Tweaking your fingers from both anxiety and delight
I never saw the boredom of routine
When your hands will touch mine every noon

The simplicity of pure joy
When I asked if you’d make me your Otumfour
You looked like a little girl ready for my embrace
Your voice was soft
“If you’ll promise I’ll always be your akpasa”
The only place for my rest besides Awurade.

I remember those scary eyes your father looked at me with
His love for you overshadowing everything
Fearing what will be of you
With our move to the big city
And a good paying job waiting for me

Those neatly smitten rings we secured around our fingers
For visibility for all
About those things so hidden and hewed away within
My pledge is still so true today
That I’ll be yours and only yours

You still wouldn’t allow me replace the old
With the better diamond dazzling finger bands
You always want to remember only this
That our true love fought all the seasons
Because it’s pure and old fashioned
And rooted away from us, within the grip of Onyamkop)n.

Akpasa – a chair bed made from straws or canes used usually by the Ewes in Ghana.
Awurade /Onyankop)n – God in the Ghanaian Akan Language.

M’afua Awo Twumwaah
Copyright 2016


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