I Promise – Not Before We’re I

This piece was inspired by a movie I watched yesterday. It got me to think if we’ll be more intentional in this whole love world and make promises we’ll keep there’ll be a ripple of changes – less heartbreak, less playboys, less ladies who hate guys, less unplanned babies to suffer consequences and of course more love, to share around. Let this read warm your heart:)😚.


I promise
I will only have you after the altar proceedings

I promise
I won’t stare you down with lip-licking lust

I promise
No just one more kiss moments; I won’t even take the first

I promise
I won’t watch my hands do any trespassing

I promise
My tongue won’t taste yours; not before we’re I

I promise
I won’t give you gifts so I can have your gift

I promise
To be your Knight in shiny armor; I’ll guard your trust

I promise
I will love you first as my sister; I’ll honor father

I promise
No ephemeral love tragedies

I promise
Till death do us part I promise

Do promise
You will allow me keep my promise.

Copyright 2016
M’afua Awo Twumwaah


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