The Versatile Blogger Award

So I got nominated for this award. I’m super glad. Thanks Beckhar, Joyamanda and bismarkosei for this nominations. When good bloggers nominate you nothing can be more cool.

Please check out bismarkosei, Beckhar and joymanda’s blogs. You are sure to enjoy some great times.


If I nominate your blog or someone else does do check out the rules. They are as listed below.

1.Thank the person that nominated you and include a link to their blog.

2. Nominate at least 15 bloggers of your choice. When considering a fellow blogger for the Versatile Blogger Award, keep in mind the quality of their writing, the uniqueness of their subject matter and the level of love displayed on the virtual page.

3. Link your nominees and let them know about their nomination.

4. Share seven facts about yourself

Now to the seven facts about me

1. I’m a total God girl. No one comes close to him in my life.

2. Family means just that to me, F-A-M-I-L-Y. They matter after Him.

3. When I make friends you can still find yourself on my prayer list years after, even if there’s a break up 😁.

4. I’m a dreamer.

5. Serve me ripe plantain in any form and I’ll enjoy it – mashed, boiled, roasted, fried, even if grilled ;).

6. I like using the floor space once it looks good. So you can find me sitting, lying, eating and others on a good floor space. Why let the coolness go unused?

7. Tears express a lot of emotions for me. I cry when I’m sad, when I’m happy, when I’m grateful, when overwhelmed, when I don’t know why. I even cry when I’m very sleepy and yawning 😂 (those tears come without permission. You can call them involuntary).

Here are my nominees
The Silent Schmoozer
Joel Jemba
Frank Solanki
Evan Haim
Felix Writes
Poesy Plus Polemics
The River Walk

Let the Versatile Blogger win! LOL but these nominees of mine deserve your tour of their blogs.


M’afua Awo Twumwaah
Copyright 2016


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