We Live Together XI

Author’s note: In XI, we have Derrick and Boakye face to face and we go back to the Aboagyes, Christy and Chris. Thanks for reading and helping me cross to XI, I’m thinking we’ll have to decide on which episode to halt soon. For the time being, catch up with last week’s episode and here’s your story, your highnesses…😍😍😍.

A red Mazda was parked just outside the compound of the Akrobea’s, same spot as Boakye Biney had his parked days ago. Boakye Biney glanced at the car and walked on from the study towards the back door  of the guest room. It was his current pathway in and out. Using the main door meant risking seeing Janet and upsetting her further. As if the bottle of Whisky and tears didn’t increase his guilt enough.

He held the handle of the door and looked back. The driver of the Mazda was down, in the house and peering through the sliding door. After hesitating a while, he slid it and entered. Boakye went inside and listened for Janet’s voice. There hasn’t been any visitor since he came over. He’s presumed they weren’t the type of family that will  have friends buzz in and out. Lewis was the cool type for one and he had lived in a mission house all his life – his father’s and his. More, it isn’t like it was his business.

“Derrick, please sit.”


Derrick sat and cursorily took in the hall, his eyes stayed on the family philosophy and painting a while and then smiling knowingly to himself, looked down and back at Janet who was walking in with a bottle of water. She put it besides him on the coffee table. He’s not taken her for that serious a Christian so the family philosophy said a lot.

“I don’t do glasses of water anymore. People can get a bit suspicious nowadays so bottle eases us both.”

Derrick nodded. She sat opposite him.

“Her dad, Judith’s…” Janet said eyebrow raised “… is either in the study or his room, our guest room and Janet is over at the room for the kids. We put it together for when they start coming.”


Derrick said and gulped down half of the water. He was surprised at himself. He thought he’d be squirming by the time he got here. He wasn’t entirely himself but he wasn’t that nervous as well.


Janet said rubbing her hands. She’s planned to rush him to Judith once he got here when she sent the text. She’s realizing that won’t be good. She has to introduce him to Boakye and that might not be good too. Derrick is a pastor. Yes. But take what he possibly knows about Mr. Biney from Judith. It’d be sour things and if they’ve influenced him, how would his outlook be. She didn’t want any tensions than what they’re managing between father and daughter.

“Am I going to see her?”

Derrick took a final gulp of the water and held onto the empty plastic bottle.

“Yes. Would you want to see her dad first?”

“Of course.”

Derrick seemed to beam. He’s forgotten her dad was here. One of the days they talked, the last day, she mentioned him. The first day of conversation with Judith came back to him. She’s been against the idea of anyone being a pastor’s child and live by rules they neither understood nor wanted. And she’s said she was one. There and then, he felt the bitterness and anger behind her words. He’s decided prostitution was one of an escape or rebellion.

“I’ll call him. He’s Mr. Boakye Biney by the way.”

Janet was out of the room the minute she talked and was returning with Boakye soon enough. Derrick got up and both men shook hands.

“Derrick Asamoah, I’m glad to have met you Mr. Biney.”

“My pleasure. But you know me and I just know your name – I have to be careful.”

They laughed. Boakye sat opposite Derrick. Janet vanished. She left the room when the men were making acquaintance.

“You’re a pastor and Judith’s friend.”

Derrick flushed.

“Yes Sir.”

“Then you know she hates me.”

“She’s bitter towards you. I’ll say that instead. Hate is a strong word to use.”

“Hmmm… Not too strong when compared to loathe.”

Derrick sobered.

“Judith happened to say she loathes you?”

“I’ll call you a prophet. Exactly that.”

Derrick laughed.

“I’m sorry about it.”

“Don’t be young man….Derrick. I deserve it. I found out this morning. Twenty minutes ago.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. The heart at its barest being exposed to you if as I think by the Lord is not easy to take.”

“True and after many several years of believing you are right against all the conscience told you.”

“Better now than late however.”

“Better Derrick. Far better.”

“Janet said she hoped Judith may want to hear you.”

Derrick grinned.

“I’ve been praying she agrees to. Our last conversation days back says otherwise.”

“Women change their minds every microsecond. Hang your hopes she does.”

Derrick laughed. From all he’s anticipated, he’s not thought Mr. Biney will be a funny man.

“I’ll fetch Janet so she shows you to the room. Judith doesn’t want to see me.”

“Before that.”


Boakye Biney sat studying Derrick. His beard was bushy than you’d expect for a pastor. And he looked very casual too. Some minutes back, he’d have written him off but not now. The man seemed to be a thinker. Besides he knew her daughter more than he did. Derrick took on a serious look.

“Why did Judith leave? She’s never agreed to tell me.”

Boakye nodded. He never put digging out the ugly past on his calender. Had he, it’d not be today, not now.

“Christy I’ve apologised, said every word that means sorry I know and you won’t stop sulking.”

“How do I know you mean it Chris?”

“Because I mean it.”


“I don’t have proof. What can I do to show I mean it?”

“You can get out of this house and not come back. That’ll do. Or yes I’ll will leave.”


Chris turned her to face him. They were standing in their room in the Croffie’s compound.

“Christy you don’t mean you want a divorce because of one word you say I said wrong.”

Christy Aboagye barely wrestled herself from her husband’s grip and started throwing her clothes into a suitcase on their bed. She was ready to leave. The more she pondered it, the better it seemed. She’ll leave him, go to her mum’s and stop feeling like a miserable barren woman.


Aboagye blocked her way to the wardrobe.

“I’m sorry all I ever thought of was kids. It’s been different after the counseling. The trip I suggested was because I was thinking of you.”

“And trying for kids jumped into it without your consent.”

Christy screamed, sarcasm pinching through the words.


“You said one truth.”

“I’m sorry. I love you with kids or without them.”

“You can’t love me without kids Aboagye. How old is Junior now.”

“Don’t do this Christy.”

“How old is Junior? You can’t answer?”

Christy was on the verge of tears. Chris knelt before her helpless.


“How old is Junior Chris.”

Angry tears rolled down her face unto Chris. As she heaved and the tears worsened the pain in her heart, she knew she hasn’t healed all these years. She wanted children not for Chris, not even for herself. She’s wanted them to match up to Junior and his mum. She sat on the bed, left Chris on the floor. Counseling is what she needs and that desperately.

© M’afua Awo Twumwaah 2016.


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  1. Atit2624@ says:

    Wow. I just realized I have forgotten about Christy and Chris.


    1. M'afua Awo Twumwaah says:

      See. Good thing they’re back in this and in XI.


    1. M'afua Awo Twumwaah says:

      These characters shock me even


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