When Love Finds You IV – “Face à Face”

Tahil held many attractions for Dzidzor. One is their open restaurant space to the left of the main restaurant. She loved the breeze and the air of relaxation it gave especially to meeting new clients like today’s. She stared at the entrance of the main restaurant as if learning it. It always used to hold an appeal for fries and chicken or beef pizzas. Now she half hated having to walk inside to sip a cup of fresh milk or yoghurt or take her pack of veggies. That’s why this morning she ordered a cappuccino. She directed her gaze back to the empty front seat before her and threw her hair back. She held the cup of cappuccino with one hand and used the other to feel her weave. She should be planning to take it off by the end of the week. After her dad has settled in and briefing him about their progress with taking over YouAd ends. Dzidzor yawned and looked absently at her wristwatch. The CEO of Paps inn was already twenty minutes late and he had not bothered to call. Her phone started ringing-we are Girls by V. Rose blurting out too loud from it. She held on the volume button and put it to her ears.

“Kate Gabra.”

“Mrs. Junior.”

Kate laughed hysterically from the other end.

“Ready to give me away that easily? I thought we are friends.”

Dzidzor said giggling and feigning sadness.

“More reason why I’m reminding you I’m bored being in this status all by myself.”

Dzidzor smiled.

“You just returned from a second honeymoon in your second year of marriage. You know you’re lying.”


“See. I said it.”

“Said what? That I missed you terribly over these two weeks. No silliness to dream about?”

Dzidzor laughed.

“Oh. So you missed me. I’m fortunate. I should warn you I won’t miss you on my honeymoon.”

“I’ll go with you. You wouldn’t have to.”

“Herh Kate Gabra.”

They both burst out laughing.

“Dad passed on your message. We were on our way by then.”

“I thought it was to be Saturday?”

“We did too. Till Uncle Koo called Kwaku up and told him we’ll have to do a transit. KLM’s flights were all cancelled and the rest of the airlines were booked. So we had to book new flights to South Africa rather and apply for a refund.”

“Then why didn’t you come for Dad’s dinner on Saturday?

“Tiredness and your genius thought we should move into a new apartment already.”

“Kwaku is outdoing himself for love.”


Kate laughed.

“Ahaa. Who is Sule? I saw him on your Instagram.”

“I saw him on my Instagram too.”

“He’s a jerk.”

“He is.”

Dzidzor sighed and looked towards the entrance. Almost twenty-five minutes late now.

“You aren’t thinking about that comment, are you?”

“A few hours a day.”

“Don’t take it to heart.”

“I’m trying. I may take his advice though-a long term plan.”

“Alright. Whatever you do, don’t think about it too much.”

Kate yawned and laughed.

“I’m going to catch some sleep. I’ll drop by this evening. We need to catch up.”

“Can’t wait.”

“Alright. But where are you? There’s this noise.”

“Yeah. It’s moving cars. I’m at Tahil. I’m meeting a new client. CEO of a new pizza and pastries joint, Paps inn.”

“Are you talking about the Paps inn along the Legon road?”

Kate’s voice held a tinge of alarm in it.

“Same. Why?”

“You don’t know this guy then.”


“Not even his name?”

“No. Kojo briefed me about him. I forgot that. Let me look up their file.”

Dzidzor flipped the file open and stared at the name.


She said, her voice tensed.

“Dzidzor I know.”

“He’s Sule too?”

“Yes but there could be a coincidence. He shouldn’t be this jerk. The Paps inn Sule is Kwaku’s friend from GIMPA. Did their MSc together. We went there a couple of times, met him and chatted. You remember I told you I’ve met a guy who can save you from Junior?

“I do.”

Dzidzor’s palms felt cold against the phone. He may walk in right now and it’s him.

“Have you ever checked his Instagram. Like his page?”


Dzidzor whispered.

“Let me.”

She reached for her tablet and opened the app. She scrolled down her comments on her picture and tapped on the @sule.

“I’m there. He’s Sule Tafua. Model and Owner of latest Pizza Sensation Paps inn…”

Dzidzor’s voice trailed off.


Kate’s voice rung high. Her friend wasn’t one for confrontations.

“Dzidzor should I call the office and tell Kojo to come by?”

“No. I’m… I’ll have to meet him myself. I don’t want anyone in the office knowing this anyway.”

“Okay. I’m praying.”

Dzidzor smiled.

“It’s not a big deal.”

She said sensing someone coming hurriedly towards her. Dzidzor looked at the Profile picture on the IG and looked up at the person. She tensed. This was so crazy. She should rather be angry not afraid.

“Kate. He’s here. Bye.”

She pulled the phone off her ear, pressed the end call button and placed it on the table. Sule had covered up the distance before them and was standing wearing an apology. His forehead was taken over by sweat. He looked somewhat embarrassed. And it was the same guy-Mr. rude.

“Sule Tafuah. Forgive my manners. I had a situation at home and my tyre had a minor fault while on my way. I’m totally embarrassed for this first impression.”

He stood smiling at Dzidzor. He didn’t seem to recognize her whatsoever. Was he faking?

“Alright. These emergencies come up. I understand.”

Her professional sense kicked in. She took a quick tour of him. He was well built. 6 feet or a bit over, brown and had well groomed facial hair. His hair was thick and dark with a sort of shine to it. His lips were also brown, but lighter than his skin. He could easily come off as cheesy or flirty. Or perhaps he was just handsome.

“Oh please sit.”

Dzidzor smiled. She cleared her throat and watched him. He first dropped his files, then his briefcase and then pulled the chair and sat down, loosening his tie. He proceeded to take off his suit and then wiped his forehead and face with a heavy little towel. All the while he had a nervous smile planted on his face. Not like the one he wore that screamed of embarrassment. This was different. As if he was afraid.

“So I’ve gone through all your files.” Dzidzor said, opening the file up and pulling out some documents. “I think I’ve figured out where we can come in and help you put your products out there in a more attractive way.”

“That’s good news Ma’am.”

Sule said, his voice devoid of any real joy.

“Dzidzor Awoonor. You can call me Dzidzor.”


“So can we dig right in?”

Dzidzor stared Sule right in the eye. She wasn’t afraid anymore. She wanted to see if he really didn’t recognize her or he was just a good actor or he needed the help so bad he didn’t want to ruin it.


Sule lifted his briefcase into the seat having Dzidzor’s bag and opened his file. Dzidzor’s phone began ringing. She stared at it. It was Kojo. If he called like this, it meant it was important. She couldn’t ignore.

“Excuse me. I’ll have to take this.”

“Oh sure.”

Sule sat back in his seat. He shut his eyes briefly. He was finally here. Paps inn may take on a different route after this meeting and he couldn’t wait for it.

“Mr. Tafua.”

Sule flicked his eyes open.

 “I’m sorry but we’ll have to do this another time. The meeting was scheduled for thirty minutes and it’s almost forty-five minutes now and I’m needed at the office.”

Dzidzor smiled, grateful. She was uneasy pretending.

“I hope you don’t mind.”

“I can’t.”

Sule sounded a bit disappointed, biting on half of his lower lip.

“I didn’t show up. What time again then, please?”

“What about this time tomorrow?”

“Nine forty-five am it is then Dzidzor.”

“We have a deal. Bye.”

Dzidzor picked her handbag and with a final smile, hurried towards her car. Sule sat back and closed his eyes again. The breeze here was doing some good and Dzidzor looked familiar. Where else has he recently come across a big girl? He flipped his eyes open. On Instagram. Was that Dzidzor? The name there was Dzidzis and he wasn’t even following her. It was the hashtag or something that landed him on the picture. He pulled out his iPhone and hurried to Instagram. He checked his notification. He tapped on the comment from at Dzidzis and froze. That’s Dzidzor. And why didn’t she say anything? He looked towards the car pack. She was already out of her packing space and joining the main road. He looked back at his phone. She had nothing on her bio except Christian. Perhaps she kept a low profile on social media. He never thought of the coincidence. He didn’t even know her besides hearing her name from Kwaku and on the news a few times.


Sule stared down the road. She is Dzidzis and Dzidzor. Now there was only to hope his mouth isn’t full with more than he can chew and get down his throat.

©M’afua Awo Twumwaah 2016.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Senior Julius says:

    There are advantages and diadvantages to having your Bios on Social media.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. SSS ADILIP says:

    Nice piece

    Liked by 1 person

    1. M'afua Awo Twumwaah says:

      Thanks SSS ADILIP. And welcome to the blog. Hope to see you often.


  3. Amanya says:

    Bios on Social Media. Hmmm.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. M'afua Awo Twumwaah says:

      Ikr. You can mistaken anyone for someone.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Hahaha, that’s why its good to control your fingers especially on social media. Anyways, the story isn’t parallel and is getting interesting. Love it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. M'afua Awo Twumwaah says:

      Social media die3 self control is very important. And yes it’s getting interesting.

      Liked by 1 person

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