When Love Finds You IX – “Choices”

Kate passed her hands over Kwaku’s chest, feeling for what she was lying on. She opened her eyes and smiled. They were finally back together. She sensed a satisfaction in her she hasn’t for almost a year and a half – that her husband was hers and hers alone. She closed her eyes and inched closer to him, nestling against him. Her trust in God was paying off. The day Kwaku confessed to his affair, weeks after she started suspecting, she wanted to run away. Not just run out of their marriage and Kwaku’s life but out of this world. She couldn’t understand why Kwaku will want another woman beside her.

All the guys wanted her back in Med School – the students, married and some unmarried lecturers. Even a number of Doctors during her internship and housemanship periods. She was the men’s lady. They’d do anything but she wouldn’t say yes. Kwaku had already stolen her attention and soon, he did her affection. And she hasn’t come to an understanding yet. Gets harder to when they’ve moments like this. Moments she sees love for her pouring out from him in ways she can’t bring herself to question his motives.

She felt Kwaku’s hands around her, gently lifting her off him unto the pillow. She opened eyes, smiling. Kwaku dropped her and stood up. She knelt on the bed.

“Kwaku Gabra is hereby charged with woman mishandling. The accused has any objections?”

“No, my Lord.” Kwaku bowed and turned the alarm clock. He frowned at Kate. “Your clock isn’t working.” He took his phone and passed his hands through his hair, bushy and thick.

“Why are you hurrying?”

Kate got close to the edge of the bed.



Kate looked on as he scurried through the wardrobe puzzled.

“I haven’t moved all the clothes yet.”

“Thank you.”

Kwaku hurried out into his room and came back with two ironed shirts and a trouser.  He stood before the mirror and held them up, pairing each shirt with the trouser. He settled on the plain white one. Kate marveled. He probably didn’t hear her trying to ask which work he was talking of. Saturday’s aren’t normal working days for him. Except with cases that need extra time or heart or commitment or however his law firm liked to call it. Kwaku looked at her and lifted the white shirt and the trouser a bit higher for her approval.

“Looks perfect. Any tie accompanying will kill it.”

“I’ve got good taste.”

Kate sat on her bed, admiring her husband. His enthusiasm about work, deadlines, and any task baffle her. He juggles working with K&K Law firm, being a deacon at church and her. She can be a handful. Just as she’s planning to be right now.

“Kwaku I asked what work you’re rushing off to.”

Kwaku rushed out and returned with his briefcase. He opened and emptied it of some documents. He pushed open the bedside drawer and dumped the pile in the lowest one.


Kate whispered.


He looked up at her from where he squatted. Kate burst out into a delightful laugh.

“Unbelievable. I tried getting your attention so many times and you respond to a whisper?”


He scratched his hair and got up.

“So you called?”

“I’m asking what work you are going to.”

Kwaku dusted off a pair of brown shoes beside the bed.

“Oh. I’m talking about work. Law firm?”

“You didn’t tell me.”

Kate moved to sit at the edge of the bed in front of him.

“Oh. I thought I did when I mentioned I’m in a team of two.”

“Mm Mm.”

Kate shook her head.

“I must have forgotten. Suzzy wants us to meet today so we get familiar with the entire case. We must if we’d understand our part and pull off better fact and ordinances and all those boring law stuff to get a win.”


Kate questioned Kwaku as he stepped into the bathroom and drew the curtains.

“Yeah, Suzzy. Suzzy Adofo. She’s the lady I’m paired with.”


Kate repeated the name to herself and with a stretch, grabbed her phone from her side of the bed. She knew it wasn’t right to but she’s Kate. She typed the name unto her notepad and saved a copy into her cloud. She put her phone back and passed her hand through her hair and grabbing a band already on her wrist, she pulled the hair into a ponytail. She loosened it as she strolled into the kitchen. She hadn’t planned on making an early breakfast today. She planned sleeping in with the love of her life and then ordering Waakye for lunch from Koko King. That obviously wasn’t going to work now.

She opened the fridge and stared awhile. She decided on oats and bread and some scrambled eggs. If he can’t stay to eat, she’ll just pack them. She brought out the box of oats, wheat bread, and two eggs. She heard the shower from the room go off. Was Kwaku in that much of a hurry? He was a woman when it comes to the bathroom. She turned on the microwave. It was barely fifteen minutes past six in the morning. His work starts usually at eight and today is a Saturday. But for funerals, Saturday isn’t one for terrible traffic. She plugged in the cylinder head and turned the knob. With water and oats with some salt to taste already in a saucepan on the gas stove, she turned on the gas to about medium heat and proceeded to slice and toast his bread. Kwaku barged into the kitchen.

“Smells good already.” Kwaku kissed Kate lightly and grinned. “I hate I have to do this.”

“A lot. I know that.”

Kwaku noticed the tinge in her tone. He couldn’t blame her. She probably planned they’ll stay in bed and have all day without anyone dropping in or anyone stepping out.

“Keep it for me. I’ll eat plus dinner.”

“That late?”

Kate’s voice held an edge to it now. How dare whoever Suzzy claim her husband from her when she was barely allowing herself get him back. Kwaku sensed her frustration.

“I’ll be back so fast you won’t notice.” He kissed her again, longer. He did like he wanted the memory etched into her soul forever. He loved her. Only her. The incident a year ago was just that, an incident. He won’t let himself and their marriage go through a second. And he’s the biggest fool ever to have compared that stolen pleasure to what he has here, true, real love. He pulled away and stared into her eyes, his heart reaching to hers. He spoke softly.

“I love you Mrs. Kate Gabra.”

“I love you too.”

Kate said and watched him get lost from the kitchen door. She listened as his car left their home onto the streets. Thank God there were electronic gates now. She lacked strength for anything but two – breakfast and a research.

“Suzzy Adofo huh.”

Kate mouthed as she walked to the dining table. She held a serving of oats and toasted bread and scrambled eggs on a flowery blue plastic tray. Her abdomen tightened as she set the tray down and picked up her cell phone. Checking Suzzy out may seem a statement of mistrust for Kwaku but she won’t stop. If there is a thing not to let happen, it’s this.
History won’t have a bite on her neck twice.

©M’afua Awo Twumwaah 2016.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. wow nice story. I enjoyed it


    1. M'afua Awo Twumwaah says:

      For Kate die3 thrice shy paa oh. And thanks for always always reading too and having your most encouraging say.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. joymanda says:

    Awww, I feel for Kate

    Liked by 1 person

    1. M'afua Awo Twumwaah says:

      It’s not easy oh. This marriage thing. But Kwaku too is showing he’s sorry. She should see small erh.


    2. Senior Julius says:

      Talking out of experience??

      Liked by 1 person

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