We is two – ‘In 2017, unique is OK’ 

Happy, happy new year everyone. I am so glad I get another year to be on this platform. All of the joy from seeing likes and replying comments and reading such great blogs is life.So, I wrote this poem praying we’ll all remember this year that being individuals is OKAY.

I wore this bright lipstick
Call it pink
Let another say wine-
Even red. That’s fine,

We aren’t one person.
Should we be cousins
Or  should we have played in the same womb,
You won’t end up in my tomb

And that’s fine.
Who’s insisting we tow same lines,
Drink from one cup
Or follow a common map?

I wore trousers, jeans.
So what if you call it pants?
We run on two genes:
I’m not into chants.

©M’afua Awo Twumwaah 2017


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