If Women Were Cars

You remember the category tales? So it’s been named AfuaBlog. I started Afua Blog on Blogspot but move it here after some hard and long thinking. I couldn’t keep up with both blogs and well Blogspot is in its own world. I’ve got much respect for bloggers doing it great there. What this move means is that AfuaBlog is the menu item to go to for posts that are neither poems nor stories. And I hear it’s called lifestyle so, yes, this post is one. Here goes.

Who knows the analogy of ladies being cars that guys want to test before the ring is on the finger? If you do, hands up, please.
1, 10, 300, 1000… good. I’ve got me some company.

So I was thinking of this the other day, engaging my brain on some random work. And I thought, bam if indeed we, ladies I mean, were cars and they, gentlemen please, were the drivers what will it be like.
For clarity sake, please I’m an old-fashioned Bible to the chest hugged girl and I believe sex must wait for marriage. Doesn’t matter if it’d be better or sour. What’s the definition of great sex anyway? And oh I’m humbly single too.

And this car thingy got my attention.


If we were cars, cars packed in the garage of our parents and they were the drivers, with ready money to buy and drive out for who knows what then you see, it’s not such a bad idea.
That is, supposed they sign an agreement before purchase and part of it says wash weekly, maintenance required monthly and no return no matter what until dangerous for the road or owner dies or something like that. And the other part is for our parents’ choice. Then it means just as in reality (for most) they won’t get to just pick and choose and put us back when they want.

But for those who think they’d rent and bring back after use, I don’t get around understanding it.

You need a quickie? Jump into a cab, pick a Trotro and save to buy your own car. Imagine how much renting a car every week will cost and put all that together. People have been wasting money thinking they are smart. Save ’em, Lord!
And of course, there’s a lot you can’t do in and with someone else’s cab or trotro you’ve boarded. These cabs and trotros are the bar owners whose food you love to eat, the caretakers and Church sisters who help; they have alarms to limit you.

That said, there are still limousines and pathfinders and Ford expeditions that will be given out for rides – free, paid, charge per day, etcetera. The truth however is, a good car is worth the purchase.

There is such a valuable lesson in owning a car you bought.

I don’t own one yet but I’ve done some good deal of observations. When you own a car erh, you’ll wash, do interior cleaning, you’ll pick after family and friends when they get in and have to step out. Let your tyre get flat, you’ll stop by the next vulcanizer and fill it. Your tank won’t nag about needing a refill. And even occasionally you may do some body works and perhaps repaint.

All this said, honeys, there’s nothing better than owning your own money bought car, nothing! So it’s not completely flattering but we’ll be cars so please learn how to drive and when you earn your license, save and own your own car.A friend’s isn’t yours and your dad’s isn’t yours too.

We’ll be your cars. Only be faithful drivers.

©M’afua Awo Twumwaah 2017.


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  1. joseyphina says:

    Nice one, M’afua 👏👏


    1. M'afua Awo Twumwaah says:

      Thanks joseyphina😆😆

      Liked by 1 person

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