#7daysofpoetry – Day Five

Day 5 of #7daysofpoetry is today. Two more days to go and how can I without sharing the absolute delicacy Ghanaian foods are. If you know the on-going food war between ourselves and our Nigerian neighbours, you know the piece. If you don’t, where in the world have you been? ask google. And can you title this? Read Day 4.

Pitches of plates sing welcome
To colours who sweep
Out alarms from lying reservoirs.
Now awakened,
The sleeping dogs find the prey
Freely trapped between the thighs
of Chicken –
Orange graceful grains and their guests
From all walks of the vegetable life –
Flying on steel to surrender.

What Ghanaian food do you enjoy? What Ghanaian food have you heard of, if you aren’t Ghanaian? What foods in your country make you want to turn up every day?

©M’afua Awo Twumwaah 2017.


14 thoughts on “#7daysofpoetry – Day Five

    1. Yes! Waakye. I eat it paa. Sometimes, every day when I can get it. But generallly I love waakye after tiring home chores. Then after, I just lazy about like tomorrow will never come.

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    1. 🤗🤣 I already want to eat some. One of my housemates loved the mashed kontomire combination paa but hers with plantain. But the yam too is nice paa. Asanka mu die3, any day!

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