Travel and See

Making a bold decision is almost mostly limited to choices about career, marriage, buying a house and those things we see as the big issues. But I beg to differ. Tweet This: For some percentage of humans in the world, of which I’m kinda part, visiting is a very well thought of and strenuous decision.

And it gets worse when that visit is to a sibling about 5 hours apart from your comfort zone. *Sighs* Yeah. That was me deciding when to fulfil a promise made to my big sister at Kumasi, I’d pay her a visit after about 2 years of complaints from her and a year of my careful consideration. And so I did visit. I think my home-mates were tired of hearing me talk about making the visit for about three months before January 2017 came.

On 2nd January 2017, I packed a few clothes into my mummy’s handbag, after going home to Suhum from Accra for Christmas and left for the Kumasi station around 2pm in the afternoon. When I arrived at the station, the first shock to throw me off balance run through my entire being; the Kumasi vans had apparently stopped loading, I guess within some time of the day, so I had to wait by a nearby bus stop and hope a Kumasi-bound Van from Accra or a private car making the trip will stop and pick me up. The first alarm sounded and I wanted to take the fine excuse to jump into a taxi and go back home and hope to make it the next day through Koforidua. But I knew the truth. I won’t be on a bus to Kumasi again if I don’t get on one today that day, so I waited. Half an hour passed and a private car showed up. I was dead scared to get into it, you know about all these scary stories of getting a ride (this one would have been paid for, though) and ending up in a bush somewhere as the goat for a sacrifice, so you can imagine the sheer joy that sprang from deep within me when a van came by. I rushed from the private car, though I was now about getting seated, and got into the van. And then the journey started.

I knew it was going to be long. I hated that it’ll be that long, the trip that is, so I recollected all the articles I’ve read on having a good attitude in bad situations and threw my sister and nephew I’ve missed so much and they being the reason why I’m making the trip in the first place in the mix and got going. I made the most out of the whole journey. I remembered to look around every new town we got to curiously and appreciate the landscape and buildings, the eagerness of street hawkers to sell their wares and the many funny names of the towns. I sat at the front of the car, closest to the driver and endured all the heat from I don’t know where around his seat with a pretty okay demeanour. And I was actually worn out when I got down at Ejisu to board a car to my sister’s end.

Me, at Ejisu waiting.


I was disappointed on one hand I wasn’t going to Kumasi proper; disappointed that I won’t make a tour trip out of the visit and see the various statues, like the one right after this paragraph, that Kumasi boasts of. I was excited on the other hand I get to get down and reach home soon for the warm hug of my nephew and a full take in of my sister’s always happy face.

A statue of a town crier and lion near the Kumasi Central Market ©slkhan via flickr.


So I boarded a car to Effiduase from Ejisu and a taxi from Ejisu to Oyoko and after walking down the wrong route to meet my nephew and having to walk back down again and cross to the side of the road, I should have dropped my all-knowing hat and crossed to the very first time, I was home with my sister and my nephew for a visit that’ll last a week and few days but that benefited me a lot. And I’m sure going to share the benefits in another blog post.

For now, remember, Tweet this: love must always be allowed to win over any fear. And for my niche human percentage, visiting isn’t that scary after all. It may be overrated even.

©M’afua Awo Twumwaah 2017.


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