Travel and See II

Read Travel and See first.

I promised to write a follow up blog post on the benefits of visiting my sister. However, the word benefit sounds to me like I’m finishing a course assignment in social studies with the topic, discuss the benefits of travelling. I’m not a fan of too much formality (and social studies) so let’s make the benefits the lessons. Argh! That’s worse. Okay, let’s overlook the terms and dive in. If you don’t know social studies, you should visit Ghanaian Junior and Senior High Schools at least once in your lifetime. I’m hopeful the course syllable isn’t going to change anytime soon. And oh there is every solution for getting the government to work for the nation’s development in every textbook for that course but apparently, only the students read it, to pass.

fotorcreatedMeet the family – Me, Sister and Nephew.

So yeah, I was at my sister’s finally. However, the evening I arrived, I plunged myself into a health related trouble. You see, I seem to have phlegm overload (Warning: don’t picture especially if you’re eating) and I’m triggered by too much sweet in anything. I don’t know, the science peeps is that call sucrose infection…or something? We’ll assume it is. I landed in this sucrose soup when I opened the fridge for a bottle of water and got tempted by a pack of the sweets I love so much – OX- and I ate a number too much. I woke up the next day of course with phlegm threatening to pop out from any opening on my face. Lol. The condition lasted throughout my nine days stay; I think. It also triggered cold, cough and slight sore throat (what I choose to call the three sisters). The good thing however is, I survived. I survived to write about it and I survived by inhaling vapour, drinking a bottle of blended ginger and lemon and everything I do over the years within that situation. I thereby present you the lesson numero un. As little as it seems, I learnt too much of everything is bad plus avoid every form, kind, type, smell of temptation. I hope to remember it when I see ice-cream, so help me God!

Now, what I’ll call the biggest lesson came packaged in two strange ways – food and a wedding.


You know how they say God works in mysterious ways. I believe He does. I mean of all the things and places I could learn change, food and a wedding would never actually be my go to. Don’t get me wrong. I like food. I don’t think I qualify to be a foodie because I currently still cook out of necessity (dear husband, you didn’t see this), not fun or even joy…I know and some days, which is very few, I eat out of necessity too. Plus, I’m neither the event type. We all know Amanda of Mandie Talks has the craze about all things wedding. I, which I am not proud of, go to places again, out of necessity. And the Lord in his goodness made me learn change through these two. The lesson wasn’t dramatic but it did stick in my thick skull.

I was talked into attending the wedding by eedbansah before I made the trip to Kumasi. The wedding was of course at Kumasi so I really had no excuse. I agreed to show and I did because I thought it’d be really nice and supportive to attend that guy’s wedding and I’d have nothing to lose because other friends will be there to hang with. The night before the wedding, however, eedbansah herself and the other friends who were supposed to be my leverage called and texted to tell me they weren’t showing. For obvious situations beyond their control. I was stuck in such a dilemma. The groom was present when I was talked into going and so I felt strongly not going isn’t being a good friend, though a far friend, and of all a good sister in the faith because that’s how I know him. I talked it over with my sister and she said I can bail out since the reason why I was attending, i.e. my friends, weren’t even coming anyway. She made sense, the option made sense but knowing how almost afraid I am at going places out of mere fun and alone, I decided to go.

Days after this, I had the encounter with the food and guess what, TZ it was. I think that’s why I featured it in When Love Finds You XXII. The food made such an impression on me erh I’ve planned to make it the go to when I eat out proper. TZ is a Ghanaian dish from the northern parts of Ghana enjoyed nationwide with Kumasi homing its biggest fan base. The first time I got an opportunity to eat TZ should be between 2012 and 2013. Another big sister of mine who lived at Fadama, a known Muslim (and in Ghana the Muslim community is predominantly Northern) neighbourhood in Ghana, and loved TZ and ate it, if I’m not exaggerating, almost every afternoon talked me into eating it to no avail. When I went visiting from school, they’d buy and I’ll opt for Waakye, Jollof, the original Ghanaian Jollof, or Fried rice. Little did I know what I was missing! She should have been persistent kakra. I never ate because I’m pretty conservative when it comes to food. I eat what I know and hardly eat anything else unless I can trust it. And I didn’t trust you, TZ. Your name and the mixture of stew and soup accompanying you scared me off. But see me now, yapping on how tasty you are.

One may ask, how did I learn change? I learnt change won’t always come packaged the way you think it should. You may not even think change is in ordinary meals and events but once you allow yourself go and you reach past your fear, there is change and courage for conquering on your next adventure.

PS: You should know, should I have gone to Kumasi proper, I would have never made it for the tour idea anyway. But because of Google and travel photographers, here.

fotorcreated3A statue of Yaa Asantewaah ©TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE and a statue of Okomfo Anokye and the famed Golden Stool ©

©M’afua Awo Twumwaah 2017.


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  1. M'afua Awo Twumwaah says:

    😂 😂 😂. I’m going to find my own synonym.


  2. Mandy says:

    I was so elated to find my name in the post and yes, it was associated with weddings 💃💃💃

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    1. M'afua Awo Twumwaah says:

      Happy you were elated by my little surprise and your name die3, now it’s synonymous to weddings oh.

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