Work Your Wardrobe Without The Cost

Everyone deserves a workable wardrobe. Everyone. And especially every girl — female— deserves a very very workable wardrobe for all the different events and places and their demands. The four and five digits earning banker or entrepreneur, the busy or not-so-busy stay-at-home mum, the high school or university student, the unemployed or even employed girl; do not forget the sisters on the budget —can be high but often low, extremely low budget. Every human female, no matter where you keep your clothes – hangers behind your door, a makeshift wardrobe, a proper wardrobe, in jute bags, in suitcases, sharing your bed with you (not a good way of living people) and no matter what you own, you not only deserve a workable wardrobe but You. Can. Have. One. Too.

You not only deserve a workable wardrobe but You. Can. Have. One. Too.

Being a lover of clothes myself and currently living on a tight budget, I have found some very helpful ways of wearing looks without the usual stress that comes with having to dress up, especially if you want to dress up (come on ladies!). So here are my two very practical and involving little or no cost to get that wardrobe saying what you really want to say when you step out. Let’s call them the Two Cs. I’ll be sharing over two blog posts; this and another. Not everyday buying buying and jumping on every new discount sales to stay trendy so here goes.

The first C, which has been for me a day-saving hack often for almost six years now, is Creativity. Sister, press the creative button in you. Now when we talk about creativity, people’s imagination run off to all these very fabulous but to be honest, let’s be honest, not practical runway designs we see on Instagram and in magazines and all. So please stop your imagination wherever it has walked to on that runway and focus.


Creativity simply means transcending old ideas, rules and patterns to create something new which of course is meaningful and usable. For our wardrobe, it can mean a lot. But let’s look at two.

One, find new ways of wearing your favorite things. What it means to find new ways of wearing your favorite things is switch it up. You may love your tanks with your pants. But have you wondered how those tanks will look with a skirt? What about wearing your fitting black dress as a top with that maxi skirt you’ve left tucked at the back of your wardrobe or in your wash basket? Have you tried your denim with a skater skirt? Why not forget about the tuck in and wear your pants with that long dress with parts you don’t want to see and accessorize to change it up? Your clothes for work suck? Throw on your chiffon tops on your trousers rather. High-button your shirts with skirts, yes with your pencilled skirts. Why not drop the elaborate necklace and try a pearl necklace with your straight dress. And about that straight dress, don’t you think you should give it a go with that wedged heel this time around? I could go on and on. But you get the point, wear the old things differently.

Wear the old things differently.

This approach seems undesirable at first glance. But wait, don’t give up on the idea. Make a slot on your calendar for about two hours and get all your clothes out and then start wearing the items you’d have never matched. This goes for your accessories and shoes and jewellery too. Block the time for this whenever you realize for weeks un-end, you just aren’t able to figure out what to step out with. It’ll save you the lateness during rush hours, later. And you get to keep the extra cedis too. And oh, if you’re such a planner like me, it helps to get out your Evernote or Keep or your good old paper and pen and write down the new matches. That way, you can dig right back in to refresh your memory when you are tempted to just be you — the old you.


Second, change your not-so-favorite things to fit (or cheaper change your mind to fit your not-so-favorite things). The idea here is simple. We all have those clothes in our bags we aren’t fond of but are so good or so new we don’t want to give out. So rather than mourn over them, get them to fit what you want.


If you have a straight dress you think should have been a skirt and top, go on ahead, forget about the gnawing fear of you destroying the clothes (about which I must say for starters and even pros, you may destroy a few clothes here and there but they really aren’t your favorite right?) and put your blades or scissors or sharp nails to the stitches. Or if you think your trousers, maybe a trouser skirt, will make such a great jumper with a top, go ahead, get your seamstress or tailor or anyone who can (even you if you can sew) to put them together. You’re scared they won’t work? Why be? You can snatch those stitches off if they don’t. This approach can get you looking at new clothes from old clothes every month or two months or quarter or whenever you make the time to. You can recycle your clothes and keep wearing them till you are too tired of them. Recently, a friend of mine introduced me to recycling footwear too. I had tried once and failed so I never imagined it but she seems to have a knack for it. So you could try that too. Or, you could change your mind to fit your not-so-favorite clothing, whatever of the clothing categories they fall into. Push yourself to wear your trousers, skirts, dresses, tops, shoes, jewellery and accessories you normally wouldn’t once, twice and you’ll see you actually begin to like them. With time, they’ll be cancelled off your red list into your heart.

Recycle your clothes and keep wearing them

Creativity can make you stay trendy without having to keep spending on trends. And actually with this, you’ll be in better control of your looks and you will become better at picking out what works the next time you do have the money to visit that discount sales so you don’t have to be creative when you don’t feel like it…LOL.

Creativity can make you stay trendy without having to keep spending on trends.

So, we’ll see the other C next week. Do fill me in if, when you press your creativity button. And tell us, what have been your ways of refreshing your wardrobe without having to spend much?

©M’afua Awo Twumwaah 2017.


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  1. edbansah says:

    Work it girl. thanks

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    1. M'afua Awo Twumwaah says:

      👯👯….Thanks too for reading.

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