Work Your Wardrobe Without The Cost 2

Read the Part Two of Work Your Wardrobe Without The Cost.

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So, in the first part of working your wardrobe without the cost we discussed the all year round good old creativity.

Today, let’s look at our second C *drumroll* contentment. Yup! Another old goodie goodie outlook. See, ladies, we need contentment terribly because let’s face it, we ladies may like buying way pass what guys will ever dream of. Except of course for the exceptions to the rule. Contentment, therefore, comes in very handy. This trick works and if you’re a clothing person too, this is the trick people. Contentment is satisfaction and not just satisfaction but taking pleasure as well. When you have to work with a tight budget or you just want to restrain yourself, you have to start seeing your clothing with new eyes. You have to learn to be satisfied and pleased with what you own. What this means is your jeans, even if it’s…

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