Is God Good?

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Off late, I’ve been wondering about how I really see God. I’m not in a hospital waiting hall twitching my fingers waiting on lab results. No. Neither am I battling whether or not to work in any zymurgy field. PS. Zymurgy is a fancy word I found relating to brewing processes. However, I am in a very tight period in my life and if you’ve ever been in any period that has left you confused, you know when you are in a tight place (please, not for marriage oh…let me clarify…lol) sometimes, it’s very easy to lose sight of God. Dangerously, we may forget who God is at all in such situations.

Currently, I’m living life figuring out what the Lord will have me do. Amidst this seeming confusion, throw in my own long ago planned dreams and desires (the most detailed of which He has successfully squashed), my parents…

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