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When Love Finds You XXXV

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Dzidzor stared out through the curtains few steps away from Matey’s bed. She was exhausted from looking around the ward. The green bedsheets, IVUs and smell of aspirins, sanitizers and soap was rushing into her. She felt sick, sorry and angry all at once. She walked back to Matey’s side. She’s never seen him fragile like this before. Perhaps once; before he bolted off to please the whims of an uncle. But even then, not this much.

“Thanks for coming.”

Matey strained to speak. Dzidzor wore the blank face.

“I’m sorry too.”

He looked full into her eyes.
Dzidzor didn’t talk. She couldn’t. She knew what the right words will be to speak. But how could she say them? What was he really sorry for? That he would have lied to lead her down the aisle? Or that he had an accident and never made it for the date? Or that he just showed up into her life to betray her a second time? Her throat felt lumpy. She closed her eyes hard and opened them again, allowing her eyes say all she wanted to.


Junior came in, almost amazed to see her.

“Junior.” She looked from him to Matey and back to him. “Right on time. I’ll leave your best friend with you.” Try as she did, the sarcasm sounded pretty loud.

“Matey, goodbye.” Dzidzor sustained her stare towards him, every blink of his reaffirming the fad she would have bought and also an empathy she has truly not known for him ever since the news. “I’ll be praying for you.”

She walked out. She heard a chair being hurried to Matey’s side. Junior of course would want the round down. He’s always blinded to other people’s need; he’d care for nothing that Matey is strapped to a bed living life really only a day at a time. Dzidzor met her mom at the visitor’s sitting area; a little lawn garden with tree shades and a couple of benches. Senam spotted her and got up to meet her. She smiled at her and followed behind her to the car. Senam allowed the silence till Dzidzor spoke.

“We’ll pick Sule up at Okponglo.”

Dzidzor stared at her phone’s screen. Kate was on her WhatsApp.

Almost home.

She typed back and dropped the phone on her lap.

“So, should we pick up any food?”

Senam joined the building traffic on the Madina-Legon road. She felt edgy. She hasn’t been caught in the workers homecoming traffic as she thought of it for how long now? She rolled her eyes at the streets and turned back in her seat.

“You heard me?”


A car horned behind them. Senam turned. She missed the green pass.


She lowered her windows and shouted her apology and then sped into the bus stop at Okponglo.

“Dzidzor.” She smiled at her daughter. “It’s okay to be hurt. It’s fine. But it’s not to hold on to it.” She smiled again, graciously, telling her daughter through it she understood how she feels. “I see Sule. You should smile.” Senam finished her words in a whisper and turned to her wheel.


Sule climbed the car and whispered to Dzidzor, waving.


She pushed her purse towards her.

“Good evening mum.”

Sule did a little bow. Senam laughed to herself.

“Good evening.” She took off. “So, you’re buying Tahil?”

“We’re considering the possibilities.”

Sule responded, looking at Dzidzor from the corner of his eyes.

“That’s nice. I’m better knowing that good place is not falling into any wrong hands.”

She kept her eyes on the road. If not for her smile Sule would have thought her question minatory, as the prelude to a sort of trap. Through the months, after discussing his expansion plans with Jonathan, Dzidzor’s dad at that dinner and getting to know about Tahil, he’s never mentioned to Dzidzor. Not that he must. But they were friends and he’s thought countless times that he will.

“Freda was certainly not going to let it. Better offers ours came through.”

“We all know Freda. We’ll stop and pick up something at Peter Pan. What would you like?”

“I’m alright mom.”

Sule rubbed his hands. Senam packed.

“I’ll be back.”

Sule watched her till she vanished into the building.

“The visit was hard?”

He asked Dzidzor.

“Obviously.” Dzidzor gasped. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” Sule laughed. “I can be too nosy.”

Dzidzor laughed.

“I’m still sorry.”

“Then buy me the MacBook.”

Dzidzor frowned.

“When did we get there? With all your earnings to afford Tahil, Sule you’re too rich.”


The Ghanaian cliché. Sule smiled.

“Forgive me for not letting you know about the Tahil. Freda just wanted a real settlement before we let more people in. But we should have told you.”

“I’m happy she’s selling to you.”

Dzidzor fumbled on her words. Why was she feeling so betrayed?

“You’re not.”

Sule picked on her.

“I am. I’m just a bit heavy. Too much going on.”


Sule winked. Dzidzor cocked her head at him.

“If you’ll promise pizza.”


“What deal?”

Senam dropped the packs of food on the front seat.

“Sule is bringing the whole house pizza this weekend.”

Dzidzor stifled her laugh.

“Oh nice. We thank you. So I bought you two fries and fish and chicken for myself . Dear, I didn’t take your no.”

Sule laughed, his eyes almost tingling. Here is another weekend Lord. Excitement rose inside him. He wished he could go on his knees and really pray; find out what God’s plans are. Why the whole family is warming up to him. He glanced at Dzidzor. She was solemn again. He wanted to know why her eyes drew him in like it does. Why does he feel like cuddling her into a ball and praying her through every pain she may be aching from? He wanted to know the whys. But he didn’t drop on his knees. He just stared at her.

Delight yourself in me. I’ll give you the desires of your heart.

He heard the words echo within him as clear as his mum waking him on a Sunday morning. He smiled and allowed God’s promise take away every doubt he’s held on to. He was looking at his desire.

When they were finally in the Awoonors large compound, Sule hurried down. He grabbed his suitcase and the packs of food from the front seat.

Senam mouthed a thank you.

Kate and Kwaku got down from their car and met them.

Senam stopped, startled and began to laugh.

“We wanted to surprise you.”

“You did.”

Senam laughed hard and after finding herself, took turns to hug the couple.


Kwaku hugged Sule.

“We meet again.”

Kate hugged Sule.

“Thanks for the set-up the other day at Tahil.”

Sule released her from his grip.

If Kate had not put Dzidzor in the situation to talk with him like she did that day at Tahil, he may have never asked and the friendship will be gone by now. The friendship he wants more from.

“You owe me…”

“…that pizza.”

Sule chorused with Kate.

“So you know.”


Kwaku turned around to look for her. He, Dzidzor and Senam were ahead of the two.

“See you.”

Kate hurried to her husband’s side.

Sule walked behind the four as they chatted away. He was too certain in the moment, and he was sure hell be for a lifetime, that God does work miracles. In the middle of the large hall, they parted ways. Sule and Dzidzor headed for the gym. Kate and Kwaku followed Senam into her kitchen.

“Your mom is persistent.”

“More like robust.”

Sule laughed, almost choking on a chunk of fish in his mouth.

“Robust is too hard.”

“Okay. She is sometimes.”

“That’s fair.”

“What about your mother? Besides chatty.”

Dzidzor reminisced about the only time she’s met Sule’s mother and the whole family.

“She has a big heart.”

Sule ended his words with a far-away look in his eyes. He blinked and hurried his meal, gathering the few chips left into his mouth.

“We’re on in 2 minutes.”

He mumbled with his mouth full.

Dzidzor chewed on the last chip in her mouth and swallowed. She wiped her palms together.

“I’m done.”

“We’ll take 15 to let the food settle.”

Sule balled in laughter.

“Yes sir.”

Dzidzor packed her plates and studied the treadmill.

“Who designed that?”

“No idea.” Sule swallowed and gulped down water. He leaned. “I hardly bother with inventions.”

“Not if you live with Mrs. Senam Awoonor.”

“Oh.” Sule hugged one knee. “Then she’s robust.”

They laughed.

“Kate and Kwaku…” Dzidzor paused. “…they look far better than I imagined.”

“Me too. When Kwaku said she’s back home, for good, I couldn’t believe it.”

“Yeah. But we prayed for it.”

“Three times a week in your gym.”

Dzidzor chuckled.

“Mister, it was your plan.”

“And you allowed me.”

“You’re my instructor.”

Sule chuckled.

“You know why they’re here?”

He hated to be nosy but he wanted to know.

“Counseling. I suggested my parents to Kate. So yeah. Seems Kwaku spoke to a friend he suggested he takes counseling up. He’ll be seeing my dad and his pastor.”


Sule hugged both knees.

“You’re the friend!”

“I didn’t say.”

Sule laughed.

“But why your parents?”

Dzidzor leaned forward and cocked her head so she’s looking at Sule.

“My mum cheated.”

Sule held Dzidzor’s eyes, his speaking disbelief and then shock.

“Yes. Everyone gets shocked when they hear it. But my dad wasn’t any better either. Through it, they got born again.”



Dzidzor mimicked him.

“Such a story here in Ghana.”

Dzidzor laughed. Sule didn’t. It wasn’t his intent. He wondered the next time he’ll see the whole family together again. The family that for all this while has been nothing but perfect in his eyes. Then he wondered when next he’ll see Kate’s dad, Sefa. And then he heard his mother and his father ranting on about the woman his father run off with. He swallowed hard, looked at Dzidzor once and twice. Should he let her know. He sat up and called her.


She saw the sadness in his eyes.

“I know who Kate’s mum run off with.”


Dzidzor asked. He was glad she didn’t ask any other question. His courage was already waning.

“My dad.”

He avoided her face as a giant tear fell down his face. He knew for sure his parents being only upset is something he’ll be glad for when they find out. And instead of peace, he heart bottled into so much rage for his father.

“Your father?”

His sullen face from the family party she had attended with Sule months back came to her. Sule’s father is the man? Dzidzor buried her head in between her knees. She prayed for what to do. She knew only one thing, she was tired of knowing the secrets.

Thanks for reading. We’re about 5 chapters away from ending the story so, catch up if you have to. Find all chapters here.

© M’afua Awo Twumwaah 2017.



There are many things I aspire to and currently in love with, writing is one of the few on top of the list. I particularly enjoy writing poetry, faith-based stories and sharing about my life. I don't own a library yet and rap music currently owns my music apps.

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