Meet Us – Author and Blog


I am M’Afua Awo Twumwaah, a Ghanaian and Christian who loves the Lord. There are many things I aspire to and currently in love with, writing is one of the few on top of the list. I particularly enjoy writing poetry, faith-based stories and sharing about my life.

I’ve been long interested in putting pieces I write out here. The dream of starting a blog has been in my heart for long. After my first degree, I decided it’s time to test the waters. The biggest push I had was using my ability for the Lord and seeing other people’s blogs containing so many stories. It made me think I can and here we are – Awo Writes.


Awo Writes is host to stories and poems by moi, M’afua Awo Twumwaah . That is what you can expect to read here. One of each every week. I also blog whatever else I’ve got to say on my other blog, Awo Blogs. They’ll vary across different themes but you’ll find Love and God lurking underneath and being the foundation for most.

I can’t be blamed. Both can’t be separated and both are the totality of my world. I’m not yet a hopeless romantic though (Oh I am when it comes to God 🙂 ).

You are very welcome and feel at home.


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