When Love Finds You I:  “True Struggles” 

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Welcome to the new story series on the blog. I’m excited to be starting a new one after #welivetogether and I’m waiting to see how it all unfolds. For starters, It’ll be on every Wednesday. So don’t be in a hurry to leave after reading. Have your say in the comments…

Dear Reader Friends

Dear Reader Friends, Writing When Love Finds You has been an incredible journey for my writing experience. But more than that, I’ve been privileged to share with great Reader Friends like you. Your reading has been one of the greatest encouragements for me. Till now, I still can’t remember what triggered the story line really….

When Love Finds You XXXIX

“You want an apology?”

The next question shot through him. It stung – like his first crab bite.

When Love Finds You XXXVIII

I’m happy to bring you this chapter. The past two weeks was silent because life happened and I’m yet to get into a good writer’s habit of writing every day. How has life been? I hope you missed me and of course, your characters and so let’s dig right into XXXVIII. Two chapters more and…

When Love Finds You XXXVII

The future is not totally laid out but the notabilia of her past shows her where she can go from here. Should all else fail — her pursuit of her abandoned career, relationship with her mother and holding on to the love of her husband — the only one who has proved her firm support won’t. God won’t. He is truly true-blue.

When Love Finds You XXXVI

The beautiful story of Boaz and Naomi he had just finished reading the book of Ruth were enough to hold him spellbound. Yet, there were Dzidzor’s words in all of their conversations floating in his heart.