Ayorkor stared at her abdomen, tucked well into her waist trainer, excitement and fear lining her face all at the same time. This decision, the one she was bracing herself to voice out at Jone’s return, after what will be their last dinner, will change her life forever.

She pressed hard on the cylinder regulator and pulled it off. She wiped her wet hands with the napkin and exhaled, allowing a grateful smile barely form on her lips. She was done with dinner. She checked the kitchen clock. Jones will be home in a few minutes. She crossed the kitchen and shut the door that led outside. Strong winds with cold breeze met and caressed her face. July this year seemed to be carrying the leftover of June’s winds.

Faithful July.

Ayorkor chuckled then hurried to wash down, to get off the smell of fried chicken and onions. And to get ready for her announcement. She rushed into the spacious bedroom, untied the curtains and closed the louvre blades, leaving them slanted slightly rather than flatly closed. She stared at the room for a full minute, her brown eyes sad.

What was she doing here? Cooking, cleaning, being a wife to a man she isn’t married to? She sat for another minute before sliding off her long dress and staring at herself in the mirror. She looked younger still, a bit older than her 25 years but she was young. Young enough to be out with friends if she still had some on a Friday night like this. She stared at her lips, touching them as if apologizing for loaning them too soon without a proper first kiss. That’s what the preacher woman called it – cohabitation is loaning out yourself with no proper interest. Laughter had soared through the auditorium. And she was glad, glad she went. Next, she held her stomach and abdomen with both hands, like one would protecting it from a gunshot and quickly walked into the bathroom. Looking at herself like she did became a daily routine since she started thinking of leaving because of the pretty boy growing inside her. But what will Jones say – to the baby and her leaving? How could she tell him she was leaving? Not coming back again at all?

She covered her cut hair with a shower cap. She wondered what Jones will say about it too, once she told him what has been on her heart these 4 weeks. She questioned herself, her eyes steady on her image from the other side of the mirror overlooking the sink. Did she cut it to signify the fresh start she’s hoping for from tonight? Maybe. Or she cut it to convince herself if she left someone else besides Jones will want her – that she still was young and beautiful? She raised her face to the shower and let the drops of water beat it and run down her beautiful skin – one of the reasons she traded her freedom 7 years ago. Her skin was a middle ground between tanned and deep dark chocolate.

“You look like chocolate.”

Jones had laughed at the resort where she did her first runway.

“More like shining cocoa beans?”

She added a remark of her own and laughed. She couldn’t be blamed. She was just a child, excited to be getting attention from the big names in the industry and foolishly willing to do anything it took to be in their list for job referrals. And she did everything.


Jones’ deep voice sounded to the bathroom. She shook inside and stepped onto the floor to shut the door. It went halfway and stopped.

“I’m showering. Give me 5 minutes.” Continue reading

Tale of Whys 

The second encounter of the now couple, not officially, spiraled into many more encounters. Within three months, Oge had quickly replaced Reginald. He hadn’t proposed. No. Not yet. They were still friends but he had mentally prepared to file for the baby’s custody once Ama put to bed and that should be after they are married. Five months for some, at least his dad was too quick but Oge didn’t want any chances of Ama slipping off his arms into another man’s, Reginald’s. He was a regular at the bank and lunch hours for Ama was a time to look forward to. It wasn’t as much about the food or places they went to. And I must say for a doctor, Oge was way a charmer. You folks know the expensive places in and around Accra, near the Financial building so I’d leave you to name them.

Ama looked forward to how he stared at her, laughed with her and cared for her health. She looked forward to how real and yet how magical he was with her. She was amazed love could be so easy on you – not too dreamy, not too exciting. Being with Oge didn’t leave her grasping for breath. He left her yearning to be just Ama. Add the fact that he was the president of Presbyterian Health Fellowship, PHF, in Korlebu. His walk with God drew her back to her walk with Him; one she was ashamed of after a sexual pleasure she’s pledged only for marriage. And he challenged every core of her spiritual apetite. See, if the guy you have your eyes on has gone on a 7-day dry fast before selecting his regions for houseman-ship, why won’t you want to back up? Icing the cake, Oge’s conduct around her quite pregnant self now in public was one of pride. You can easily think he even shows her off. That left her helplessly in love. But dude hadn’t said anything yet. So they were just friends. Susan Briadnt was his friend too, a pretty close one and that scared Ama.

Remember the day Susan served Oge at the bank? Yes. That customer service she rendered wasn’t mere. Susan had seen the way Oge stared at Ama on their first encounter. They laughed and teased Ama about it. Ama made it clear she wasn’t about getting interested in any one just yet and definitely not a doctor. Doctors, Auditors and Businessmen were in the category of men she can’t date. She wanted her man like Reginald, a man who’d be at home for her birthday, their anniversary, baby showers, graduations, everything. She told Susan she could have Oge and they planned how together. That is how Susan ended up on the counter smiling her broadest at Oge. And that’s also why Susan took Oge’s number from his customer details and called for enquiries and brought up how sarcastic Oge was, got an apology and struck a friendship.

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Tale of Whys

Joymanda requested for more and I’m giving in so here’s the second encounter of #taleofwhys. Did you invite that Nigerian guy?


As you may have guessed and so very right, the second encounter was on the said Wednesday Oge was to go back for his Fixed deposit certificate. What you haven’t guessed and if you did, I’m dead sure you did wrong is that Oge was disappointed that Wednesday and carried it through till Sunday.

The thing is poor Oge couldn’t get Ama’s face off his mind that monday, all night. At a point, you might think he was haunted by it. He laid in bed with his TV on, for the company, most people do that when they are thinking, and played the whole first encounter back in his mind.

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Tale of Whys

#taleofwhys is a three part story I wrote for our weekend Facebook Exclusive for my reader friends via Awo Writes, my facebook page and blog link to Awo Writes here on WordPress. As I wait to launch into another series of stories or short stories, enjoy this and we’ll follow up with the two other parts for the next two weeks. From my heart to yours exclusively…here is #taleofwhys. And I went cross-African small. Invite a Nigerian guy friend over this read and definitely have a say in the comments.

His name is Oge, actually Paul Ogechukwu Layeni.

Ghana is his second home, currently it’s first in practice to Nigeria but how can a fine Yoruba, mixed with blood from Igbo descent, man like himself abandon Nigeria as the first. So yes Ghana is his second home. He lived in the busy neighborhoods of Lagos as a boy, yes the busy Lagos with the scary and funny stories of theft, blood money, deaths and hard-core robbers,  till when he was fourteen.

On the eve to his completion of his junior secondary school education as said in Nigeria and junior high school education as preferred now in Ghana, his dad took a job as a lecturer at University of Ghana. That is how Oge found himself in Ghana to complete both his secondary school and tertiary education and fell in love with Ama Armah and married her last two years.

I sound like I’m telling a tale because particularly I am. I am telling a tale of my two close friends and how they fell in love. And it seems my language is a bit queer. Pardon me. There is an excitement about this story that gives me jitters and makes me feel like I’m telling a love story purer than that of the Titanic to children gathered around a fire in the middle of the open on a moonlit night.

But I know you are all adults, well most of you, born in modern Ghana, speaking such fluent English, you’ll find this quite amusing to read so I’d behave in the modern way. This story is the Tale of whys; why Oge married Ama Armah on 25th of May, 2014 instead of Susan Briandt and why Ghanaian Jollof plays such a big role (even before it started trending on social medias and making Ghanaian women feel like such heroines and the men like supermen who have just conquered Nigerian Jollof and killed it in a great World War III never to be told). So now to the actual Tale of whys.

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Till Forever Comes

I’ve been a bit tied down. So obviously, I’m missing XII of We Live Together. I’m however not letting you off my blog…LOL. Here’s a throwback to Till Forever Comes, one of the very very short stories I want to keep just like that. I mean where’s a guy like Dave? (besides in my hubby when he comes…Hahaha). Have a good wednesday huns.

Awo Writes

“Not too quick”.

Dave held Tsotsoo’s zipper and winked at her in the mirror. He kissed her on the neck and laughed heartily.

“Did I ever tell you I prayed twice harder before I proposed than I did to enter the final class list for my masters?”

“You never could have said it that night. Your nervousness was so obvious but not to worry I’m the only one who really saw it.”

“I would have been surprised if you didn’t since it takes only eyes like yours to read anxiety through a well furrowed brow and a very large smile.”

They both laughed.

Dave led Tsotsoo to their bed and knelt before her.

“Before all the overwhelming struggles start, my annoying snores wake you, you feel I’m not listening enough and you want to sleep alone in the guest room, I want you to know you are the answer to…

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