The Eve of Christmas

Calvin Duah and Tracy Stevens were unarguably worlds apart before their courtship and marriage. We use to joke that they were like the cat and the fowl.

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Ayorkor had spent 7 years of her life the wrong way. When she found out, she walked out of the only true love she’s known, trashing with it her hard earned modeling career, her only known job. Her faith in one hand and a son in another, she determined to pay the price. Years later, a broke mother, a struggling business woman, she could have never imagined what God will do – what He’s known He’ll do.

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Ayorkor stared at her abdomen, tucked well into her waist trainer, excitement and fear lining her face all at the same time. This decision, the one she was bracing herself to voice out at Jone’s return, after what will be their last dinner, will change her life forever.

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Tale of Whys 

The second encounter of the now couple, not officially, spiraled into many more encounters. Within three months, Oge had quickly replaced Reginald. He hadn’t proposed. No. Not yet. They were still friends but he had mentally prepared to file for the baby’s custody once Ama put to bed and that should be after they are married. Five months for some, at least his dad was too quick but Oge didn’t want any chances of Ama slipping off his arms into another man’s, Reginald’s. 

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Tale of Whys

As you may have guessed and so very right, the second encounter was on the said Wednesday Oge was to go back for his Fixed deposit certificate. What you haven’t guessed and if you did, I’m dead sure you did wrong is that Oge was disappointed that Wednesday and carried it through till Sunday.

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