Dear Reader Friends

Dear Reader Friends, Writing When Love Finds You has been an incredible journey for my writing experience. But more than that, I’ve been privileged to share with great Reader Friends like you. Your reading has been one of the greatest encouragements for me. Till now, I still can’t remember what triggered the story line really….

When Love Finds You XXIX

Kate watched Matey take Dzidzor’s hands and lead her down the stairs and towards the front porch. She had imagined Sule rather any time she thought of the possibility today.

We Live Together XV

“I didn’t expect you to be back in less than the hour you promised.” “I didn’t expect to be back this early either.” Derrick slammed unto the floor and smiled. Relief lining his brows. Judith looked at him, an eyebrow raised. His face seemed to be alive now. “I got laid off.” “From being a…

We Live Together XIV

Derrick stood behind the Akrobea’s smallest guest room, for a moment hesitant to knock on the door. Judith will be on the other end of it, drunk maybe and certainly angry. He didn’t want to imagine how she’d be looking but his mind already had. She’d perhaps look tired, her breath stinking from refusal to brush for days and she’d have her hair messed up, her jeans tight around her abdomen as she liked it.

Whatever she’s thinking Lord, help me get through.

He formed his right fingers into a knot, the middle one sticking out and knocked the hardest he could. The sound from it was echoing in his heart. He stood a while, felt movement towards the door and maybe someone’s looking through a peephole. He’s seen one at the hall when he walked in hours ago. He’s been here that long? Judith pulled the door open.

“Here we go.”

We Live Together XIII

“Lord, let your love be poured In our hearts by your Spirit When we fall Lord, let your heart be poured In our hearts by your Spirit When we call. I ask this Lord and we call. Let your love indeed be poured in our hearts to drive away aches, fears and pain. Amen.” “Amen.”…

We Live Together XII

Author’s note: Episode XII features Mrs. Benjamins and Asaabea Croffet. I missed them and I knew you have too so we gave them a feature. And currently there’s a story going on my Facebook page and so many new likes. I’m super glad and grateful for all those little blessings. I keep writing because friends…