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When Love Finds You I:  “True Struggles” 

Revisit #whenlovefindsyou with me. This is where the whole story began. Enjoy.


Welcome to the new story series on the blog. I’m excited to be starting a new one after #welivetogether and I’m waiting to see how it all unfolds. For starters, It’ll be on every Wednesday. So don’t be in a hurry to leave after reading. Have your say in the comments section and I’ll be there to read and reply and we’ll keep the conversation going. So here’s the story proper.Have a good time reading.

Dzidzor half-smiled at the 12 people in the conference room, her tummy tucked in. She quickly took her seat, put her files into their folder and aimed for the door. She wanted to get away from this small crowd before anyone decided to strike a conversation. She wasn’t fortunate.

“You won’t get away without giving me the opportunity to tell you how good this presentation was, would you?”

Sefa Addison beamed and patted her on…

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When Love Finds You XL

So, this is the last chapter of #whenlovefindsyou. Really. I’ve enjoyed writing this story for you and I believe in many ways I’ve become a better writer, getting to see my weaknesses and strengths more vividly because of it. I think this story has a rather straightforward storyline and I hope you like it. I’m not certain what I’ll be writing next. But I’ll be writing so do look out for me. Thanks to all who read me and were patient through the many weeks I missed and dropped so many precious comments. Felix Writes, Eedbansah, Beaton, Somebody, Love What You Do, Loretta and any name I missed, special thanks to you, for staying through to read and dropping those precious comments.

“Go ahead.” Jonathan stopped the car right after entering Choice Events Park. He looked back at his wife and daughter. “I’ll get a good spot and see the manager briefly.”

“Alright, dad.”

Dzidzor fitted on her shoes and got down. She stood by her dad’s door, waiting for her mum. Jonathan took her hand and kissed them.

“You’re pretty.” He smiled broadly, his eyes lit up and tears of how differently things will be after tonight snuck up on them. He looked away quickly and blinked them off. “I’m a happy father to have you.”

“Daddy!” Dzidzor squeezed Jonathan’s hand. “I’m not going anywhere.” The surprise of how surreal the moment had suddenly become stood on her face. “Mum.” She moved so she faced the trunk of the car, where her Senam was walking from.

“Dzi.” Senam raised her head from her purse. “I’m ready to go.” She said with yet another broad smile. Dzidzor frowned, her demeanour playful.

“No. We aren’t going yet. Dad is being emotional. About what, I don’t know.” Dzidzor sounded almost helpless.

“He’ll be fine.” Senam joined Dzidzor at the door and kissed Jonathan. She stepped back and grinned at her husband. “Joe, better hurry to the manager’s office. He may not attend the dinner.”

“I totally forgot about the time. Go ahead.”

Jonathan drove on, looking back again at Dzidzor. When his eyes met hers, he smiled.

“He’s not himself.”

Dzidzor walked by Senam.


Senam dug into her purse for her phone.

“Dad.” Dzidzor studied her mum. “No. In fact, both of you. You’re too excited and he is behaving like he’s going to lose me.”

“You think so?”

“I can see all right mum. I’m suspecting something. I hope it’s not a plot to talk me into chasing after a PhD or anything.”

Senam stopped and found her daughter’s eyes, taking her hands as she did.

“We’re parents, your parents and we’re bound to be emotional some days. Especially when your only child is growing so fast.”

“Why today?”

Dzidzor doubted her mum and she wasn’t about hiding that. Senam shrugged.

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When Love Finds You XXXIX

The last but one chapter. We’ve come far. Thanks to you who read and to you who read and dropped those comments. Let’s finish hard.

Sule’s eyes stayed on Hassan, his father’s. He could see the way his father’s eyes stared blankly at their cream wall above the stairs. At first, when he was gone, their family photos were lined up on the wall. He had taken them down when he got back; perhaps guilty of all the innocent faces that stared him back each time he walked up and down. His sister, Fatima, cried every night for a full week and then gave up. They’ll never return. They all gave in. He realized he’s been fidgeting with his fingers. He smiled, nervous and cleared his throat for the umpteenth time.

“I asked mum to tell you because of course I want to talk with you…” He shied away from the weary eyes of his father he’s been staring into all this time. “… I want to because we’ve never talked about you leaving, you coming back…”

The grief he had felt, the hatred when he came back and the shame upon knowing his father, this man, is the cause of the sorrows of another family, Kate’s, were seeping into his heart. He could feel them. He cleared his throat again and with it, shut down the tears.

“What exactly do you want to talk about?”

The question was harsh. Sule decided to smile; to be proper like an obedient Christian son.

“I’ve already said it.”

“You want an apology?”

The next question shot through him. It stung – like his first crab bite. And like then he wanted to yell. He didn’t. He let the fury soak in. He said nothing. No one did, till after about five minutes. The father spoke, no, he presented his defence.

“I see how you look at me ever since I returned…like I’m the devil…like I destroyed this family. Your mother has told you all you want to hear. I know she’s warmed her story into your mind – how I left her and run off with another woman. I just wanted to make money for us and she wouldn’t agree…”

“We wanted you, not money. If you stayed…”

“Life would have offered you better? You’ll be a better man?”

Sule’s tears didn’t fall. They were stuck into his chest, making it to rise in uncomfortable ways.

“No. We would have had a better father.”

The slap landed on his face with his last words. And Sule laughed. He laughed so hard he was afraid he’d be mad when he stops.

“Why won’t you face it dad. You left us. You never showed up in my school. And when you did you offered no apologies. Men take responsibility. You run away from it.”

“How dare you?”

Hassan tried to stand on his other feet, the proper feet.

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When Love Finds You XXXVIII

I’m happy to bring you this chapter. The past two weeks was silent because life happened and I’m yet to get into a good writer’s habit of writing every day. How has life been? I hope you missed me and of course, your characters and so let’s dig right into XXXVIII. Two chapters more and we’ll call it a wrap. Happy reading. And yes please, find all previous episodes right here.

“A call would have been okay.”

Tara sat right on the edge of her bench at the Efua Sutherland Children’s Park. She was on bullying her clothes to fit in two suitcases for travel when Sule called; the day he called. The conversation had been brief and filled with a handful of giggles and light comments they shared because Sule brought it up. His reason for calling had been simple. At least over the phone. He wanted them to meet and talk. About what he didn’t say. She also didn’t ask. She was about to. She would have. Then she remembered there wasn’t a need. Perhaps going blank and clear will be better. She can be more truthful that way than having two whole days between the call and their meeting to premeditate and get the right answers. She had prayed. That was the only action she thought good enough to take. That has proved the only action good enough to take for a month and more. Now, here she was seated with him at a place she only came to on expensive school trips even though she was in Accra all her life.

“We are here already.”

Sule didn’t try to argue. He smiled back at Tara. He looked trim. His hair was cut short, his face shaved and his lips had balm on them. He wore a blue T-shirt which fit on nicely and showed slight traces of his muscles. He wore it on a fading black jeans trousers Tara was sure she hasn’t seen before. Tara smiled back. She could catch the awkwardness in the air between them and fit it into her handbag. Here she is with Sule, her best friend for all of her life she’s been aware of and there were no more words to pass between them. She looked over at him again, now wondering why he looked like he did.

“Want to take a drink?”

Sule asked Tara. He was instinctively shading his eyes with his left hand from the scorching heat from the sun.

“I wish there were coke. A glass and ice and lemon. A lot of lemon.”

“A lot.” Sule repeated, nodding, smiling and pretending to be scribbling. “We can search. There should be a genius with these jars and juices around. We may be lucky and find one with ice and lemon for coke.”

“I don’t believe this miracle will happen but let’s try.”

Tara got up and helped Sule up.

“So you’ve always liked a lot of lemons?”

Sule walked beside her, falling back one step.

“Few months ago.” Tara played with her purse. “Kukua invited me out someplace with her husband. Every glass on every table had lemon. I tried and took to it.” She laid her purse down. She escaped catching Sule’s eyes.

“Oh Kukua. How is she?”

“She’s alright. She’s two months down with a baby.”

“So a baby shower in six months or seven?”

Sule stood straight scanning for a stand that reads drinks or juice or a name in the family.

“Perhaps but I won’t be here. I won’t miss it though, thanks to Skype.”

Sule squinted and smiled. There was a stand he didn’t expect to see. But there it was; Coke in Jars. He turned to Tara. “There’s our magic stand.” They walked to the stand and returned with two jars of Coke, ice with too much lemon for a day.

Tara pressed the jar against her cheek. She closed her eyes dreamingly. Sule laughed and found them a seat. He searched her face.

“You won’t be here?”
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When Love Finds You XXXVII

I’m happy to be back. We’re three chapter to say bye. I thought to ask so you help me with what themes next you think I should explore. I’ll be diving into short stories awhile after this. Drop your ideas in the comments. Don’t be silent on me. So here’s to XXXVI, enjoy.

Sefa Addison peeped out of his curtain. He stepped back, pulled the settee to a slant and went back to the curtains, this time, pushing the ends into a holder so the sun will light his room. He had never liked the idea, the sight of sharp rays reflecting on his floors. But today, he decided to do what he’d not allow himself do naturally — because anyway, Fiona and his daughter and his son-in-law will be here before he is ever ready for the conversation. He sat where he’s been seated the past hour and looked over the portion of scripture his morning devotion today; Proverbs 10:12 — hatred stirs up strife but love covers all offenses.
He bit his lips and exhaled. He could feel his heart swell with his fears, almost as if they’ll tear through his blue striped Lacoste for the whole world to see. He wasn’t ready for this. He wasn’t ready for anything — certainly not the advice from this scripture. But he knew he needed to go God’s way. Many months of straying and then slowly finding himself back into fellowship has been harder than he imagined it when he set out on his own way. He thought he’d just snap back when he wanted. Just like what addicts believe. The pride of his human heart did deceive him and it did quite well. He heard the familiar honking of a car. He closed his Bible, put it on the arm of the chair and opened his door, leaving it ajar slightly. Dear Lord, help me. He prayed briefly. He knew he needed to make these amends. For the past weeks, at least twice in each, he’s woken up having lay unconscious from doing regular routines. He feared his time is up. Should it be, he wanted to leave his daughter happy and free to go to her mum. He also wanted to leave Fiona with no guilt and regrets. He wants to love them.

“Is he in?”

He could hear Kate asking Kwaku. Perhaps Kwaku was ahead and she was wondering why the slant in the door, showing it’s open. He didn’t plan to pull a stunt but one to keep his daughter concerned wouldn’t have been a bad idea. He smiled at his own corniness.

“He should be.” Kwaku kept any anxiousness out of his tone. He knew how worried sick Kate can go to from minutes of being extremely excited. He didn’t want that now. “Perhaps he wanted to save us the code entering or the knocking. You know your papa.”


Kate agreed. Kwaku held the side of the door for Kate, his eyes laying on Sefa’s with a smile.

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