Welcome to Awo Writes.
I am glad to have you over here. I’ve been waiting for you.I hope you like the Christmas thingy going on here.So I write and serve stories and poems you’d love to read.Do navigate to the menu to dig in and start reading already.
First however, I have some Christmas presents for you.
I’ve been waiting to celebrate this Christmas with you and it’s finally here. There’s been so much joy in writing this year.And there’s been joy because there have been amazing readers like you to write for (yes you, even if you’re first time).
So I got this cool idea to write some new stories and pdf them along with some old ones for your reading and having pleasure. I did write them and they are inside these boxes. Clicking on a box will take you to a pdf you can download. I know you’ll have fun reading these and so please let me know over on this blog and on the Facebook page when you’re done reading. The first two boxes contain the new stories.The other three contain the old stories. You however may need a refresher from the old for the new. But the decision of what to read first is yours. Any will make perfect sense on it’s own.Have a wonderful wonderful holiday and keep coming over.
2017 will definitely be better. Happy reading!